Friday, April 10, 2009

Online Sales Letter for Music and Magazine Company

Dear Sir or Madam,

Globalisation blurs borders and boundaries – also in the world of music! Explore the world’s sound with Mixed Tape Music Magazine! Furthermore, the new edition of the free download compilation – Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 22 – will be released after a waiting period of eight weeks.

This month’s theme of Mixed Tape Music Magazine is the Global Music Village. From August 21st international artists are proofing that music does connect – regardless of limits. Featured in this volume: Giovanca, The Arrows, Teleradio Donoso, R.M.F., White Shoes & The Couples Company and Watussi.

We offer a monthly emerging video magazine which does not only show the latest music videos but also presents entertaining portraits, interviews, album recommendations and many more.

Also starting August 21st: the enjoyment for fans of the new Mixed Tape Compilation – ten thoroughly picked tracks of talented newcomers. Mixed Tape 22 will be available via free download for the next eight weeks.

We are looking forward to your opinion and hope you’ll enjoy seeing and hearing our latest editions.

Sincerely yours,

Confirming the Interview Schedule Letter

Dear Applicant,

Can you please come in for an interview on Friday, April 12 at 9am? Please be sure to have a web accessible portfolio ready so it can be viewed online. Please confirm acceptance of interview appointment. If you cannot make it, please let us know.

Thank you,
HR Department

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fund Raising Event Letter

Dear DJ,

I am contacting you with regards to a new collaborative project of filmmakers, music producers, sculptors and other artists called The Creative Cloud Collective. Our first project, Under Over The Clouds, is an interesting hybrid between experimental short film and a music video. The group built the set for the stop-motion film from non-recyclable materials in the top floor of an East London Community Centre, the Soul Project. Our goals are purely non commercial and since starting the project we have gained the support of internationally renowned music producers James Holden & Vector Lovers who are backing us in the execution of a live event and remixing the video soundtrack originally composed by artist Micro:wave.

At this stage the project is halfway done but we need the funds to build another set and shoot the second half of the film. We are trying to raise awareness for the project in order to get more people interested in what we are trying to achieve and to raise the capital to finish the film. We hope that you will be able to feature us in DS Night Sessions & Conversations Blog.

We are happy to give you exclusive access to a vast range of content you can use, such as: a multitude of photos that have not been seen by anyone but us, behind the scenes footage, preview clips of the first half of the film as well as just as much shared content. We have also put together a live event of music and visual performances from a selection of top-notch international underground artists on 21st June at 8pm. We have a limited amount of VIP Guest tickets and we can do our best to allocate one to you if you are available to come.

Our live event is a fund raising initiative designed to draw in funds for the completion of the project as well as to showcase our work. We have secured a few of the most exciting international audio and visual artist including Luke Abbott (Border Community Records), Finnish IDM band Recue, Nintendo Wii performers Micromattic and Bulgaria’s finest visual artist Yagama.

Our venue is the Ginglo nightclub in Shepherd’s Bush, which is a high profile venue of limited capacity. We fully expect our event to sell out as we are currently receiving support from 10,000 strong user database of The Ginglo, James Holden’s record label, the blogs of our associated artists and a dedicated Facebook Page with a rapidly growing fan base.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time,
DJ Nik