Monday, November 24, 2008

Resignation Letters

Our Archive of Resignation Letters:

Basic Resignation Letter
A brief and curt resignation letter, and very direct to the point.

A Working Mom's Resignation Letter
A resignation letter with a unique point of view, it clearly gives a working mom's perspective when it comes to her child's future.

Resignation Letter #1
Employee with no written contract of employment resigns

Resignation Letter #2
Parting is such sweet sorrow, especially when you've been overlook for a supervisory role in the company. This letter clearly says they've lost a valuable employee.

Resignation Letter #3
A Resignation Letter with a thirty day notice to employer.

Resignation Letter #4
A courteous resignation letter that doesn't burn the bridge with the old company or boss.

A Heartfelt Resignation Letter
An emotional resignation letter that subtly gives out clues to the boss, that the employee might still reconsider staying if given a good offer. But do note that the employee refuses to talk about his transition to the other company, which in truth might just be a bluff. A good letter for fishing out a nice deal.

A Very Angry Resignation Letter
Someone really wants to shove it up the bosses ass. Not for the faint-hearted employee.

Resignation Letter due to Waiting Status After ignoring all your formal requests its about time you resigned from the company

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