Friday, February 5, 2010

Sales Letter: Follow-Up to Client Inquiry

Dear Mrs. Frennel,

Thank you for your inquiry on Swizzle Stick Delights. We have some very good and recent lists for Plum products and there is sale pricing available this week. If you would like some figures please contact me here

Also, please make sure to include this email in your response.

Jenn Majors
Sales Executive

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Farewell Letter to Coworkers

Saying goodbye is never easy. But saying your proper goodbyes to co-workers is important. It means you appreciate having worked with them and you value their friendship. It also nurtures your business and working ties even though your moving on to a possibly better working environment.

Hello Everyone,

As you guys all know, this is my last day at work. I would just like to say a few kind words to everyone who has made my five years at ChemLabs- five years well spent. I've learned a lot about the industry and its inside secrets, I made great friends and I enjoy the office camaraderie we have afterhours (Of which I wil miss the most).

I wish you guys the best and much success in your respective departments. I'll be relocating my family to Vermont by next week, so before I move out of town, I wold like to invite everyone for a small get-together at Joe's Pub this 7pm. Drinks on me!


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodbye Email to Co-Worker at the Office

An email to a co-worker on her last day at work, a quick exchange of goodbyes and well-wishes.

Dear Gayle,

I heard from Bertha from Accounting that you've resigned and you're leaving for Georgia this summer. Wow I'm shocked. You've been here the longest and I would understand the sudden wanderlust now.

I hope we could have one last good cup of coffee together before you finally say goodbye to the staff. I wish you well.

Don't forget to email us once in a while.

Trudie Connolly