Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reply Letter to Employee Granting Change in Employment Status from Full time to Part time Hours

This is a letter granting an employee a change in employment status from full time to part time hours at work. This is also to notify the employee of the changes in his employment benefits and salary as the result of the job shift.

Dear Ms. Friel,

I have received your request letter for change of working hours which will result in your shift of job status from regular to part-time employee. You will no longer pull in 40 hours per week, but rather 20 hours per week; Of which, you are required to come in 4 hours per day.  

Your weekly salary $500 for 40 hours changes to a part time bi-weekly salary of $130 for 20 hours.

As the terms of your working hours have change so does your employment status, a new work contract will be drafted for you to sign. Medical benefits shall be reinstated when you decide to return full-time. I have scheduled a meeting with your supervisor to discuss the implications of your work status to your employee benefits.

Please see me any time at my office if you have any questions or concern.

Best Regards,
Human Resources Officer