Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rejection Letter for Submissions

Dear Mr. Greeves:

Last July our Grant Committee on Millenium Development Goals held its final meeting of the season and had a chance to discuss your project entitled 'Apathy for the Dying' a documentary on religious rites.

After careful consideration of over 1,200 submissions, I regret to inform you that your project has not made the final rounds of selection.

Due to our limited funding, we are only able to accept a total of 30 projects for the following season. Nevertheless, we are thankful for your expression of interest and we still look forward to possible applications from you in the future.

Malvar Krupps

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Letter of Intent for Actors Prior to Film Production

A Letter of Intent can serve as an initial agreement prior to any contract or long term commitment to a project.

Letter of Intent to Avatar Film Productions

In response to your recent inquiry, this will serve as a "Letter of Intent" of "Commitment of Principle" with respect to my possible participation in you project, a feature film entitled "Geriatric Zombie Town" to be shot on location in Ecuador and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at a production date to be determine by principle photography of 6 weeks duration.

Subject to all terms and conditions being satisfactory to all those concerned, subject to my availability and freedom from other professional commitments at that time and subject to my approval of the final screenplay draft, the cast and director or approval thereof by my legal representative.

This letter does not in any way, shape or form commit the undersigned or his agents, whosoever, in participation of your film. Unless and until a formal contract, drawn by and between the undersigned on one hand, and your duly authorized representative on the other, said contract to be executed under the existing rules and regulations of the guild under the time of signing.

Truly Yours,
Hawthorne HardChops

Sample Recommendation Letter for Fellowship Program

Here is a sample Recommendation Letter requested by a student from his professor, to be used as part of application to a Fellowship Program or Masteral Degree. Recommendation Letters are hard to come by and this sample is very detailed in highlighting the strong points of the individual.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am proud to recommend Larry Saunders to your fellowship program. I was asked to make a recommendation on behalf of being the Program Director who has worked with Larry on several grassroots campaigns while he was studying at Michigan Tech University.

Larry has the zeal and commitment in pursuing social advocacies, a very rare passion for community welfare that I hardly see among students his age. He came into one of my classes on Public Policy with the eagerness and willingness to learn. He is very dynamic, resourceful and energetic. The campaign work he has done has been very beneficial to the Sanford Homeless community, much of the tasks at that shelter can both be physically and emotionally demanding. But Larry persevered and equally pursued social programs that would increase the quality of life of people at the Sanford Center.

Having seen him then, 2005, to now, 2009, I can only commend him on how he continues to mature as a professional and a young emerging leader in the field of Public Policy in the Michigan area. I assure your institution that Larry deserves an opportunity to be part of this fellowship.

Always, in his work, Larry is consistent in achieving target goals mandated for his core team. In 2008, he was in charged in distributing community and welfare aid during the onslaught of Hurricane Jones, Larry was one of the first on the scene, hands-on in managing relief efforts and evenly composed in the face of policy pressure from City Hall. I highly recommend him Larry for his passion, intellect and spirit for this fellowship programme. At our institution, we are expecting big things from Larry and his altruistic endeavors.

Thank you once again for the opportunity to recommend such a special and impressive young man.

Professor Merrill K. Macksforth