Thursday, June 4, 2009

Letter Addressing Office Deadlines and Turnaround Time

Dear Assistant,

This is regarding the deadline for the monthly reports. I would like to get the documents turned back around to the client as quickly as possible. Please edit the content per the guidelines and start sending the technical documentation to the sales crew in Marsdale. That way they can see all the work we are doing and they could catch any hangups before we complete all the files. I think this is the ideal work flow.

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

The Boss

Notifying Client that You are Out of Reach

Letter to the Client that you are unavailable, however you being a good service provider will have someone in your staff see to his issues.

Dear Franz,

I'm stuck at Charles De Gaulle airport due to bad weather so if you try calling my office anytime in the next four hours I won't be able to pick up. Email will be the best form of communication.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I will have my assistant Tracy to personally address your concerns.

I'll touch base once I land on LA.

See you,

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Letter to Staff about Customer Service Requests

Dear Staff,

If you receive a service request call from any of our customers in the Bay area regarding their orders for Mother's day, please have them email This is for all issues. We now have a dedicated team who will reply to their emails and inquiries starting September 2, 2010.

Please be guided accordingly.

Office Manager