Saturday, July 9, 2011

Planning your Maternity Leave: Sample Maternity Leave Letter to Boss

A detailed personal Maternity leave letter outlining Vacation Leave and Work concerns.

Dear Sir,

I'm now currently on my 24th week of pregnancy and I've decided that I'll continue working up to my 33rd week. My initial plan is to continue working on the projects assigned to me until the temp staffer arrives.

As early as now, it's really difficult for me to do site inspections and facilitate the training programs. I don't want to go on leave early but right now, my baby's safety is more important to me. I'm planning to take my leave of absence on the week of October 12, I will have about 15 days of leave plus another set of 15 days of vacation leaves I was unable to use the past year. Since the Vacation leave days are not convertible to cash or even possibly carried over to the next employment year, I have decided to use up all my VLs along with the allowed maternity leave days this year.

I am letting you know of my maternity leave plans in detail and as early as now; as Human Resources requires me to have your signature on my allowable number of VLs. Also I hope that the temp staffer or intern will be here by next week, so I can begin mentoring her. While I am away, you may reach me anytime via email or through my mobile number for anything work-related.

On this note, I would like to personally thank you and the company for the show of support and understanding throughout my pregnancy.