Friday, December 12, 2008

Thank you Letters

Archive of Thank you Letters:
Letter of Appreciation to Co-worker
An office newcomer thanks a co-worker for showing him the ropes.

Thank you letter for Employee Input

Thank you letter from CustomerLet businesses know they are doing a good job!

Thank you note to Customer for OrderMake the customer remember you care! Say your thank-yous to your top buyers

Thank you note to Client for Selecting our Services

Thank you Letter for Guests
A Thank-you note to guests after the celebration or charity benefit.

Thank you letter for Interview
Thanking the recruiter for the job interview shows your genuine interest in the job, the interviewer may even keep you in mind for other job offers as well.

Thank You Letter to the Organizers of Annual Event
Often certain companies or groups would like to extend their thank-yous to event organizers through an open letter published at a local daily. Newspapers usually feature such letter of commendations under the community news. This is a good example of such a letter expressing their gratitude towards a collaborative effort.

Thank you Letter for time spent together
Letting your friend know she's worth every minute of your time

Thank You Christmas Letters:

Thank you note for Christmas gift

Thank you letter for Christmas Bonus
Thanking the boss for giving you a Christmas Bonus

Thank you note for Christmas Bonus
Though you really deserve the pay, the higher-ups still demand to be thanked for the bonus you've worked hard for all year

Employee Christmas Bonus
Sample Letter for announcing Christmas Bonus to employees and thanking them

Thank you for the Christmas Bonus

Thank you note to Co-worker for Christmas gift
Tying up the loose ends of the holidays, saying thanks to the gift givers who bothered giving you something special

Thank you note for Christmas presents

Thank you note for Christmas surprise

Thank you Letter to Client for Christmas Gifts
Whatever your customer sent you last Christmas, its important to show you care and thanking them will result in more sales for the year

Thank Yous After Important Events

Thanking the Maid of Honor After the Wedding

Showing your appreciation to people who helped you out at your wedding

Thank You Letter for Guest who Missed the Event but Sent a Party Gift Anyway
Still saying thank you to the event no-shows or the ones who sent the gift baskets

Showing Gratitude to Friends, Neighbors, Customers & Family

Thank you Letter for Looking After PlantsExtending your sincere thank you to a neighbor or friend who has given time to take care of something valuable to you, in this case your house plants.

Thank you for Choosing our Services LetterFrom time to time, remind your client of your business commitment, thanking them sends the right message that you care about their needs.

Thank you letter to Employer for Bonus

Thank you Letter to Employer for Giving you the Job

Thank you Letter to Parents from Grown-up Son

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