Monday, November 24, 2008

Marketing Letter for Baked Goods

Perfect for Moms with a bake business in the community. The letter discusses the baker's passion then transition to entrepreneur, also the availability of her products within the local market.

Marketing Letter for Pastries, Sales Letter for Selling Baked Goods at the Market, Sales letter for Home-based food business


Dear [Name],

Food has always been my passion.

After a stint in a commissary that produces pastries for a popular coffee chain, I decided to fire up my oven and invest in my own pastry business.

My pastries come in a variety of delectable flavors - chocolate, mocha, vanilla-pecan, cheese and banana. I like to add a little artistry to my baked goodies, they are a combination of the culinary and visual arts.

My company [name] has basically grew from word-of-mouth advertising, most of my customers are moms with kids and school cafeterias. I also do big orders for weddings, company functions and birthday parties.

This coming Sunday market at the [place], my pastries will be on sale at booth #12. Hope you can come and have a taste test of my delicious treats.

If you are interested to place a big order, you may call me at [phone]. I can prepare the pastry boxes two days ahead of time.


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