Friday, June 12, 2009

Clearance Certificate or Certificate of Clearance Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

This Certifies that the above named subject, whose right thumb print appears below, has applied for a RECORD CLEARANCE from this office. Search of available records on file with the Central Records Branch has been made and the results thereof are indicated above.

This certificate is issued in connection with the subject's application for: Travel Abroad Purposes.

By Authority,
Clearance Head

Informing Employees of ISO Certification Inspection and Client Visit

To All Employees,

We are expecting an ISO certification accreditation team today at 9am. This is a potential goal that our company is striving to achieve for the year and coincides with our 'We Serve Best' policy. We would like to ask your assistance to ensure that we make a good impression with the said team.

Kindly please make sure that our facility (conference areas, department offices, pantry, training room) including your desks are all clean of clutters or any non-work related materials. Please remove non-regulation materials in your cubicles and computer desktops. Also, kindly maintain OnServe Policies (Punctuality, Urgency and Custom Concern) while inside the office.

Inter-department Managers will ensure team members are properly advised. Compliance to all policies are mandatory for the day.

Upper Management

Notable Thanksgiving Message

Mayor Mufi Hannemann’s Thanksgiving Holiday Message to the People of Hawaii.

Dear Constituents,

We can be thankful for so much, particularly for the knowledge and comfort that our nation continues to be a bastion of freedom and democracy in the world. Yes, our financial industry is struggling. Businesses and consumers are retrenching. American troops are in harm’s way in Iraq and Afghanistan. And we have our individual worries and concerns.

But we can also be deeply grateful for the love and affection of our families, the companionship and support of good friends, and the blessings of life in a beautiful island state. We can also be thankful that we have, above all, hope: Hope that each new day will bring us opportunities for a better life in this great land. It was in this spirit that the Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving, and it is in this spirit that we celebrate this holiday today.

Gail and I wish you and yours a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Aloha.

The Mayor

Thanksgiving Holiday Advisory Letter to Employees

Dear All,

In celebration of Thanksgiving Day, our company understands the observance of these festive family holiday that commemorates "Our country's rich mix of cultures and traditions, reflecting the countless blessings and sacrifices made by our forefathers”, but due to the nature of our work and considering the industry where we belong, it is important that we ensure that our business is open even on holiday periods.

Management appreciates everyone’s continuous dedication and value to their job in making sure we prioritize our work responsibilities.

Employees who will report on these days shall be entitled to a Regular Holiday Premium as per required by State Law. If you would like to know the applicable holiday premium rates, you may get in touch with the Human Resource Department.

For everyone’s information and guidance.

Human Resources

Business Letters: Late Reply to an Urgent Email

Dear Rob,

I just want to extend our appreciation for the information you've shared. I just saw upon looking for your email address that I hadn't replied to you yet.

Given our aggressive time line, we're considering hiring local talent for the project. I'm curious if your team would consider doing the same? I completely understand if not, but I wanted to mention it just to keep the playing field even.

I have the project outline that can be sent today if you're interested. Email me back if you're up for the challenge?

Best Regards,