Monday, September 13, 2010

6 Useful Excuse Letters Due to Illness

We all need a break whether from work or school, but we always need to be accountable for a single missed day. This is expected of us whether it is true or not (Or we face some sort of punishment or disciplinary measure). But sometimes being sick requires formality and an explanation. Hope these sample excuse letters prove useful:

Excuse Letter due to Diarrhea

You can easily bail out from work or school anyday due to really bad bowel movements. This stinky excuse is always valid.

Sample Excuse Letter Due to Menstrual Cramps
The case of the cramps is a common excuse for girls. Duh! this excuse will never work out for boys!

Excuse Letter due to Obscure Illness

This is an excuse letter using some obscure illness or seasonal outbreak, just go with the flow and earn your day of freedom. 

Excuse Letter Due to Fever and Flu
The common cold is the most common excuse in the world.

Excuse Letter for Tooth Pain
We all get toothaches at one time or another and pain can be excruciating. This is an excuse anyone can relate to.

Excuse Letter Due to OutPatient Medical Procedure
Having surgery is an excuse that would most likely get people visiting you at the hospital. Opt for something less severe yet immediate like an outpatient procedure. Out patient procedures are often the following- dental surgery, colonoscopies, mole removal, infected or wound draining procedures.