Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sample Sick Day Excuse Letter

Excuse letter not to show up at an office meeting, a direct letter stating how bad your body feels.

Dear Janice,

I am unable to come to work today. I am having fever and chills since last night. I will see how things work out, this could be the flu. Hopefuly I will be at work tomorrow. Please let the marketing team know I will not be at the meeting today.



maplekisses said...

Hi, these are nice sample letters you have here, very helpful... I'm wondering if you can help me write a letter to a student though. She's sick with leukemia and her parents asked me to send school work for her at home. I want to attach a letter for her to make her feel I am here for her but I don't even know how to start it... Can you help me please? Thanks.

madhatter said...

Dear Maple kisses

Please refer to a letter in our archives entitled Letter Consoling the Sick: Expressing Support and Concern During Time of Illness

I hope this is close enough to what you need to express. Thanks for visiting

aishayusof said...

Hi, yr sample letters are good. Can you help me to write a short note to inform parents that I am not in school due to flu. How do i go about this?