Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentine's Day Love Letter to Wife

A sample Valentine's Day Love Letter to Wife, life partner or special someone

Dear Darling,

Life has never been easy for the two of us. All the hurt and pain we go through in life can make us feel numb and sometimes the love we've been looking for most of our lives is just right in front of us- its just all this hurt and pain that makes us go blind. So forgive me my love that my eyes have been closed for so long, I want to finally wake up from this darkness that has been corrupting my senses, I want to see love with new eyes again. For its in loving someone so special like YOU that one can truly feel life is really worth it. You are worth every second and breath of me. I love you and I have loved you with all my soul the last 16 years and all the more in the coming years. I hope we could spend this Valentine's day together at that very special place that only the two of us know.


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