Thursday, December 4, 2008

Letter Demanding Payment

Re: [Company] vs. [Name]
For: Sum of Money [Amount]

Dear [Name],

A letter has been previously sent to you demanding payment of your unpaid account to our client. In spite of the receipt of said letter, our request for payment remains unheeded.

As a matter of office policy, before a collection case is filed in court against you, we have given you the opportunity to make an out-of-court settlement of your account. For the last time, and to avoid the hassles and inconvenience of a collection suit, we demand immediate payment of your account.

However, if payment has already been made, please call or send text message to [number] or email [insert email], to avoid follow up calls and visits from our authorized collectors.

If you continue to ignore our demand for payment, we wil be constrained to file a colection case against you without further notice. In such an event, our client is entitled to an award for damages and expenses of litigation, in addition to the principal obligation, since you willfuly and wantonly disregarded our client's plain, valid and demandable claim.

Your immediate response is essential to prevent the intended legal action.

Very truly yours,

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