Friday, December 12, 2008

Sample Employment and Workplace Letters

Employee Request Letters

Employee Seeking Job Transfer
Request for inter-department transfer

Request for Job Transfer
Employee seeking transfer with approval from supervisor

Request of Job Transfer to another Location
Request letter for transfer to another branch that is in close proximity to employee's home

Request Letter to Reduce Work Hours and Demand Over Time Pay


Management Advisory Letters / Messages from the Boss

Employee Christmas Bonus
Sample Letter announcing Christmas Bonus, Letter confirming amount of Christmas Bonus

Letter Commending Employee
Sample Letter commending Employee for handling a hostile situation very well

Notice of Memorial Service for Employee
Sample Letter: Notice of Condolences, Letter about Death in the Office, Letter Conveying Loss, Sample Letter of Colleague's Loss

Sample Notice of Company Policies
Informing employees of the benefits and policies of the Company

Informing Employees of ISO Certification Inspection and Client Visit
Getting Employees to Cooperate for an ISO Inspection

Letter Addressing Office Deadlines and Turnaround Time
Motivating employees to work at a faster pace

Letter to Staff about Customer Service Requests

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