Friday, September 4, 2015

Follow-Up Letter for Requesting Files from Client

Dear Sir,

Kindly send us your project details as soon as possible so that we can still include it in our souvenir program.
Also, please send the necessary graphic files in high-resolution psd or eps formats, so that our print designer can immediately include your company in the flyers.

Thank you very much


Letter to an Ex: Ghosting Break-up Letter

Ghosting is known as the ultimate silent treatment between lovers, cutting off a relationship without much thought or simply disappearing from a terrible relationship. Here's a letter due to being Ghosted.

Dear Harry,

I don't know what kind of man just disappears and not say a word.
You think ghosting me will ever resolve whatever sh*t your going through?
I pity the next girl you're with, and the next one after that,
the ones that will suffer from the incredibly inexcusable foul way you deal with things.
A real man says what needs to be said face to face,
you don't go off and hide and parade the next poon you pick up around
Grow up! One day karma will come knocking and I hope you die alone.


Happy Birthday Letter to Friend

Dear Debra,

A psychic told me it's your birthday!
So meet me at Starkey's for some beers
and let's celebrate your BIG 3-0 with a bang!


Follow-Up Letter on Meeting

Hi Georgia,

Oliver here from CMS Corp. I'm just writing to confirm your availability for the Monday meeting in Palo Alto. John Sacks is expecting you to bring the fireworks and all that presentation jazz (this is verbatim from Sacks, and he really wants me to tell you this!) So RSVP early.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

How to Politely Decline a Job Referral from a Friend

Dear Jim,

I know its a been a while since we last got together. As luck would have it, things have turnaround for me and thankfully because of friends like you. Truth is, I got a lot of commitments right now at my new job, but I appreciate the work referral. Thanks for looking out for me.

You wouldn't mind if I send this to a friend who really needs a job right now? Maybe its about time I pay it forward.