Friday, May 27, 2016

Inquiry Letter Applying for Schengen Visa

Dear Sir,

I would like to state my intention to travel to Germany on June 14,2016 for vacation and to visit my boyfriend in Cologne. I would like to apply for a Schengen visitor visa and stay for 4 weeks. I have my passport, round trip ticket, travel insurance, CFO, authenticated affidavit of support, accommodation letter from the hotel and if needed, a letter from my boyfriend Jorg and photos of us together as proof of our relationship.

Please let me know if all my documents will suffice your requirements for travel.

Thank you very much

May Simms

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lost Student ID Card Letter

Dear School Principal,

I would like to report my student ID with student number #728021 missing. I lost it inside the campus last Tuesday. I would like to request for a replacement as soon as possible, also a temporary ID pass so I can have access to the school premises and student services.

Thank you very much,
Idris Moss

Hope Everyone is Safe Letter

Dear Chris,

I heard a huge tree broke off from its roots and fell into your roof. Hope everyone is safe! A fallen tree crashing into yard happened a couple of years ago too, no one was hurt! Those old trees really need to be checked by the council.

Stay safe,

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Security Clearance Letter

To the Security Detail in Charge:

This is an authority pass to allow the bearer hereof, Ms. Janine Gutz of the Accounting Department to see me anytime.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lost ID: Request for New Identity Card Letter

Lost your ID? Get a new one fast:

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you regarding my identity card which I lost a few days ago traveling home on the metro.

I'm facing a lot of difficulty right now without my ID. I don;t have access to regular services and entering and leaving the premises takes time. I would like to request for a new identity card or security clearance at the latest.

I would like to thank you in advance for any help you may extend to me.

Thank you,
Dixon Chase

Monday, May 16, 2016

Informing Family of Accident Letter

Dear Family,

My sister got into a bad car accident a few days ago, she's in serious but in stable condition. We are hoping to get her chest tube remove in the next 3 days, she still needs a ventilator for breathing and feeding tubes on her gut. Infection has been ruled out. We're taking each news day by day, we are hoping you could help out Maggie by praying for her. My mother really needs your support right now.
Drop a line :)

In love and kindness,

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Cultural Letter

Hello All,

I am very much delighted to come back to Thailand to serve as the Director-General of the Japan Foundation, Bangkok, following my past duty as the Assistant Director of the same office from 1999 – 2004.

My absence in a twelve-year cycle is long enough to feel myself as a stranger in Thailand and I need to devote myself to relearn Thai language as well as its arts and culture so that I can be welcomed to join the wonderful community again.

I sense, during my absence, that the “contemporariness” in Thailand has been drastically changed and it is reflected onto a plethora of artistic practices and academic endeavors by promising Thai artists, creators and scholars. I do hope to catch up such vivid and sharp senses of contemporariness by exploring as many performances, exhibitions, film screenings, discussions and symposia as possible in Thailand, and hope to introduce Japanese cutting-edge arts and ideas by return for distinguished Thai partners and friends.

Working for Japanese-language education as well as Japan studies is also one of my most anticipated activities in Thailand. The boom of Thai tourism visiting Japan favors our activities in this field. I sincerely hope that we can provide efficient supports and services, in cooperation with Japanese language / Japan experts and Nihongo Partners, for those who are interested in Japanese language, as well as in academic pursuits on Japan, effectively associated with respected fellow partners and organizations.

I am looking forward to meeting you to enhance our bilateral relations together in cultural affairs very soon.

Norihiko Yoshioka
The Japan Foundation, Bangkok

Saturday, May 14, 2016

I am suffering from a Cold Letter: Excuse Letter for Fever

Dear Editor,

I am suffering from a cold, a terrible one at that- chills, sweats, high fever and hard dry coughing fits. Don't worry I have taken medication for it. I know any  infection can cause a fever these days, or a simple sneeze seems like the plague now and I'm not risking another round of antibiotics until I see my doctor. I will be back at work on the book once I get over this bad spell.

Hoping for some relief.

Excuse Letter Due to Gout

Suffering from some joint pain due to gout? Can barely walk straight without limping? Well better see a doctor then and use this excuse letter:

Dear Supervisor,

I will be missing the next few days at work because of my inflamed joints. As you've noticed yesterday I could barely move my fingers to type. I'm getting my uric acid levels evaluated by the company physician, pending my lab results. For the mean time, I am advised to take some medication and two days bed rest to keep my gout under control.

I have notified the assistant supervisor to oversee my tasks while I am away.

Thank you for your understanding.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Follow Up Letter on Promotion and Pay Raise Status

Dear HR Manager,

Good day! I am John Krass from Marketing which you've hired about 3 years ago.I believe the HR Officer assigned with my hiring back then was Lucy Dawkins, I am aware she had left the company around six months ago. Her last email to me was that my contract is up for re-negotiation, also since then, I have been promoted to Level 2 Assistant Clerk in terms of duties, the position upgrade was even announced in internal memos.

In line with this, and it has been 2 months since my promotion announcement, I would like to follow up on my promotion and pay raise status. I believe its about time we have something in writing, I wouldn't mind signing a work contract again with my pay grade and work duration properly stated. This will also help clarify the records and the organizational order within the marketing department.

I have also informed my immediate supervisor about this matter and he has advised me to write this letter and send it directly to your office.

Hope you could advise on the matter as soon as possible.

Thank you,

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