Monday, May 22, 2017

Catching up Letter with Friends

Dear Ladies,

Thank you for that lovely afternoon tea at Southborough. I enjoyed myself at your company tremendously. 

True friends are never apart. 
Maybe in distance but never in heart. 

Thanks for the unexpected catch up ladies! As I leave for my flight in Bali, see you again soon

Lulu Mae Barnes

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Job Leave Letter for Child's Graduation: Excuse Letter for Graduation Ceremony

Dear Human Resources Manager,

I would like to be excuse this Thursday, May 26. I will not be reporting for work as it is my son's college graduation. I have filed for the proper leave process months before, and I have yet to receive confirmation if my leave dates have been processed. Please do advise soonest - I have been very cooperative and by the book on this, even sending you the graduation invites and details. In fact, I have not even acquired any of the 13 day allowable vacation leaves allotted by the company for the year, and for this very personal reason, I would like to claim or use one of these vacation leaves.

If my leave is not permitted. I'm afraid I will still not be available for work on that date, I am sorry, but I will be there for my son's special day. Please deduct the necessary fees from my wages or inform me asap of any disciplinary measure I am due to face for taking the leave of absence.


Reply Letter to Job Post Query

Dear Manager,

The job title posted in the job site is quite misleading. The employer is not only looking for a secretary with clerical experience but someone who has bookkeeping and accounting background. Maybe an accountancy graduate or CPA would best fit for the job. Please do correct this erratum immediately.

Marketing Officer

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Birthday Letter to Sister

Happy Birthday Sheila!

My sister, my workout buddy, my great friend, my fellow researcher and bestie for life! Here's to an awesome year ahead filled with love, laughter, great company and good health! Love you lots! Hope all your wishes come true!


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day Messages

Happy Mother's Day to all those that brought life to considerate hearts and nurtured its greatest desires.

To my Mama, thanks for teaching me to be always be kind and courteous to others. For facing my fears head-on and instilling in me the value of  being a happy camper and just going with the flow. All your support has made me the street smart, self-sufficient person that I am today. You're the best Mom ever!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums/moms in my life. You are all special and perfect in the eyes of your children. Enjoy your day!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE AMAZING MOMS OUT THERE! May God continue to bless you with grace, beauty and long lives to continue making the lives of little ones better.

The word "Mom" Means everything to me! I love you so much Mommy! Happy Mother's Day to all the strong, resilient and determined mothers out there who will take on any challenge just to give their kids a better future! You deserve all the love in the world!

I have a lot of growing up to do, and when I do I hope to be as loving and kind as you.
Thank you Mama! Happy Mother's Day!

I wanna thank you for all the loving things you've done for our family - what you are doing for me and the kids is just amazing. You have always been supportive of us and you've never failed to give us your valuable life advice. You are a wonderful mom. No wonder me and all my siblings are all good people because they were guided and raised very well by YOU. We are all so lucky to have you. Happy Mother's Day! We love you!

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers in my life! Each one of you has been a mother to me in some way and I am extremely grateful for those moments we've shared together.

Happy Mother's Day Letter to Mom

Happy Mother's Day to the most wonderful person in my life!

My kids say, I'm a perfect mom. And guess what, so are you!

You made me out to be the greatest mom that I could be for my kids and I will always be forever thankful for having you as my rock and my pillar of love. We always look up to you. You will always be my Mommy no matter how old I get!


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Dear Mom on Mother's Day

Dear Mommy, 

Thank you for always being there for us. Since we were little kids you took time to be with us always and take care of us even if you were a busy working mom. Thanks for all the love and care! For always being YOU - our wonderful, amazing and selfless mom! We're so grateful to have you in our lives! We love you! 


Mother's Day Letter

Hello Caitlyn,

My soul sister and fellow mom!

The best Mother's day present is when your husband and kids drop everything to do the housework for you and leave the house to go shopping for the perfect present, and they all come back happy with gifts and your favorite treats with the biggest smiles on their faces. Plus your hubby adding the extra touch of a massage! Yes, fellow mom, it is our day today! Enjoy Mother's day! You deserve it!

Sending you love bombs!

Much love,

Open Letter to Co-Worker on Spreading Rumors

Dear Officemates,

To the terrible person spreading malicious lies, your ignorance on the subject matter is not an excuse, please educate yourself before you open your mouth, if you have no idea about something then don't say anything, don't spread rumors. You're just bringing down team morale.

To our supervisor - I think the worst part is why do we even need to justify this idiot and others like him, what we have done and sacrificed for this company. It's like trying to convince someone who still believes the earth is flat that it's actually round. Our energy is better spent elsewhere. This person should just be stripped from his position or be advised to tender his resignation.


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Happy Birthday Son!

Dear Son,

Remember to take some real quality time for yourself on this special day.

Do keep in mind --
To smile when you are sad;
To rest when you are tired;
To love when you are empty;
To let go of pain when you are hurt;
to pray more whenever you are in need.
Quality time for oneself truly heals!

What a blessed day Today April 23, its your birthday and I love you.

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