Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Supervisor Notifying Boss of Late Subordinates: Excuse Letter for Team Members

Dear Supervisor,

Two of my subordinates will be coming late today. They have advised me earlier of their late notice. They will be filing proper tardy forms today.

They are the following employees:
Margaret Lee - Had a 9am Doctor's Appointment
Hartigan Childs - Attended divorce hearing at 10am

Thank you
Billy Jones

Monday, May 2, 2016

Action Required Letter

Dear Mr. Campbell,

It brings into question the credibility of the whole team and actions towards the case. Its a conflict of interest on their end. A procedure should have implement to have prevented this. Further inaction by those heading the department and the continued involvement of these individuals will only result to a crippling debacle for the whole institution. I can only shake my head on this, just wholly disappointing.

Please commit to paper the possible actions the investigative body wishes to undertake.

Phil Stanton