Saturday, November 22, 2008

Leave Letters & Excuse Letters

Archive of Medical Excuse Letters, Leave Letters & Excuse Letters

Excuse Letter for Missing Work
Excuse Letter for unable to call work about absence, Sample Excuse Letter for breaking company policy, Sample Excuse Letter for Absence

Request for Sudden Leave
Request for Emergency Leave

Request for Medical Leave Letter
Request for Leave Due to Medical reasons or a Relative's illness

Excuse Letter from Doctor
Sample Letter from Doctor about Medical Condition

Medical Excuse Letter for Work
Sample Excuse Letter from Doctor

Leave Letter due to Accident
Sudden Leave due to emergency matters

Leave Letter due to Wife's Pregnancy
Sudden Leave due to wife giving birth

Excuse letter for Absent High School student For playing hooky and for being a very bad pupil, weasel your way out with an excuse letter

Notifying Client that You are Out of Reach When you want to hide for a few hours from a demanding client

Student Excuse Letter An excuse letter written by mom telling your teacher you had diarrhea.

School Excuse Letter School excuse letter stating you've gone off to visit a dying relative or attended a funeral.

Sample Excuse Letter in School with Medical Certificate A pair of letters complementing your excuse, one letter from the parent and the other from the doctor.

Example Leave Letter for Work Filing your leave notice weeks before the event, a scheduled absence is worth getting paid for.

Letter Requesting Leave of Absence at an Early Date Get off work early than scheduled

Excuse Letter for Physical Education class or School Gym Activities Hate PE, sweaty socks and stinking gym lockers? Skip all the physical action from the bench and watch your classmates sweat like pigs

Embarassing School Excuse Letter due to Diarrhea
Yes its true Diarrhea is the shit! Or Diarrhea is the mother of all excuses!

Example Leave Letter for Work Wedding excuses are very timeless

Excuse Letter to Miss Work the Next Day Decide to miss work the following day? Bargain a leave today and get tomorrow free

Sample Excuse Letter in School with Medical Certificate a complete excuse notice with proof from the doctor

Excuse Letter for Tardiness for Consecutive Working Days Missed work from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday? Wow you need this good excuse letter to bail you out

Excuse Letter for Upcoming School Absence
Planning to miss school? Inform the teachers early

Sample Excuse Letter for Sick Daughter
an excuse exclusively for girls

Excuse Letter: Sick with Swine Flu
Avian flu is so yesterday, and the bubonic plague is so retro, try the next big thing!

Formal Excuse Letter for Missing School
When the school is so stuck up on formalities

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