Sunday, January 17, 2010

Letter Requesting Transfer of Location within the Organization

Looking into relocating into another branch of your office? Try this request for transfer letter so you may relocate into your hometown or transfer close enough to your loved ones.

Dear  Sir,

I would like to request for a location transfer. I have been working at Semtexaco for 6 years as a Junior Development Assistant. I have heard through my supervisor Terry Wallis that the company is opening a branch in Hopesprings, Nevada. This fortunately is the town I grew up in. The possible relocation would allow me to be with my infirmed mother who is currently under the care of a nursing facility.

The transfer will also prove to be beneficial for the company as I am familiar with local key people and businessmen in the area. As a Junior Development Assistant, I have sufficient experience when it comes to forecasting products and media planning.

Also I would like to note that my supervisor Terry Wallis is supportive of my intent for transfer and he would gladly meet with you regarding any concerns about my suitability for the Nevada area.

I sincerely hope that my request would be given the utmost consideration.

Thank you very much

Truly yours,
Miranda Kerry

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