Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Letter about Deposit of Payment at the Bank

Letter notifying supplier that payment has been made at their bank account.

Hello Mr. Talbott,

This is regarding your inquiry about your cheque for March 2011. We no longer send our payments through mail, we now deposit payments directly into the bank accounts of our suppliers.

We have already deposited your check last March 7, 2011. The amount is $2,200.50 (net of withholding tax). Please check your bank account for the payment made.

Thank you,
Marie Bareilles

Monday, March 7, 2011

Reply Letter Regarding Point Person

Here's a letter trying to coordinate the possible point person to get info from.

Dear Rose, 

Regarding your inquiry on the floor plan size of the Ruby Towers, the point person to ask is Mrs. Norville of Gold Estates. I tried contacting her earlier, but I've yet to get a response from her. Maybe you could also try asking the engineering department for blue prints of the floor plans.

All the Best,