Sunday, December 14, 2008

Maternity Leave & Paternity Leave Letters

A comprehensive list of sample maternity leave letters and paternity leave letters. These are writing samples submitted to human resources and effectively used by working moms and dads. Hope you find this useful and congratulations your pregnant!

Basic Maternity Leave letter
Notice of pregnancy to employer

Request for Paternity Leave for Second Child
Another bun in the oven, another paternity request by Dad

Request for Paternity Leave granted by Employer
Notice that paternity leave has been granted

Request for Maternity leave for Second Child
How to tell the boss you're having another baby

Request for Paternity Leave
Dad filing for eligibility for paid, paternity leave

Intention to Return to Work after Maternity Leave
Mom expressing intention to return to work

Request for Maternity leave granted by employer
Notice that maternity leave has been granted.

Human Resources Notice on Employee's Maternity Leave
A detailed letter from employer outlining the terms of the maternity leave

Request Letter to Reduce Working Hours after Maternity Leave
Need more time off work to take care of your baby? Request your boss to reduce or lessen your work load

Request Letter for Early Maternity Leave Due to Pregnancy Complications

When your baby's health has to be the priority file for an early maternity leave at work

Complaint Letter: Responding to Employment Termination Threats Due to Pregnancy Leave
This letter outlines how some employers can bully moms into giving up their jobs just to evade the cost of employee health care. Such an action is illegal and against the labor code.

Request Letter for Extension of Maternity Leave
Asking for additional or extended dates on your maternity leave. A mother postpones her return to work

Sample Letter Intention to Return to Work after Extended Maternity Leave

Sample Maternity Leave Letter Using Available Number of Remaining Sick Leaves
This sample maternity leave letter expresses the request of the employee to use her available sick days as part of her paid maternity leave

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