Friday, November 28, 2008

Request of Job Transfer to another Location

Dear [Name],

This is to officially express my intent to be transferred to [department] at [location].

I have been a loyal and hardworking employee of our company for the last [number] of years.

Our facility at [location] is in very close proximity to my home at [address] and my children's school. It will only take a [number] of minutes walking to reach our workplace compared to the daily commute of 4 hours from our department at [location] of which I am currently assigned.

My reasons for this request is to be able to give more time for my family after work, such a transfer would be beneficial for my children's well-being.

Also the transfer would make the workplace very accessible for me in case there might be occasions of which you may suddenly require my presence over for business matters.

Hoping for your consideration.


Employee Seeking Job Transfer
Request for inter-department transfer

Request for Job Transfer
Employee seeking transfer with approval from supervisor

Request of Job Transfer to another Location
Request letter for transfer to another branch that is in close proximity to employee's home

Approval Letter for Request of Job Transfer
Notice from HR Department that transfer request has been approved by management


tentenju said...

thank u so much for this blog!it helped a lot..God bless u..

Joules said...

Sorry, but this letter is extremely specific to the conditions in the letter about a family need. It's not exactly helpful for people looking to transfer in a general manner. I have zero excuses for wanting to transfer to another state except that I am moving. If you could come up with a useful letter in this case I would sincerely appreciate it.