Sunday, January 17, 2010

Letter to Teacher: Thanks for Caring!

Dear Mrs. Appleby,

I'm back in school and well, I guess back on track. Dropping out mid year and coming in cold behind everyone else is not easy. Kids here are the tough kind and the truth is most of us kids can be cruel. Cruel to others and cruel to ourselves. But thank you for making things in school a little bit better. I look forward to your classes and the spoken poetry readings at the St. Albert hall.

My mom still holds on to the idea that I am still a child. She doesn't realized that I am not that young anymore. I can't say that I am all grown up either. Still, I should thank you for treating me like someone with an opinion that counts. Thank you for listening to me, for pointing out the error of my ways and for acknowledging my accomplishments- like you said in the classroom, the little things that I can do and be responsible for.

I've learned to deal with how things are at home. My parents may not be there when I get home from school because they are working late and too hard, but that doesn't mean I should make things harder for them, by acting up and being selfish so I can get what I want. Like you said, I could chill with the drama and learn to deal with it. I'm cool with my parents now and I do understand them better. I just wish though my Mama would stop calling me My Baby, it really freaks me out.

So if you see me in the halls, keep in mind I am doing fine and I am grateful.


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