Saturday, January 23, 2010

Letter to a Best Friend: Celebrating Years of Friendship

A heartfelt letter to my best friend since childhood

Dear Marien,

I've known you since preschool. We have so many shared memories together and when I look back I'm just so glad I have you as a bestfriend growing up. Not everyone is blessed with such a friend.

We are like sisters; Inseparable and supportive of each other. We've been through the best and worst of times and even seen the best and worst of ourselves. And yet, here we are. I can't ask for anything more in a best friend.

Always and forever,

Friday, January 22, 2010

Resignation Letter with Request for Privacy

A sample Resignation Letter with a special request that the reasons for resignation be kept secret from the staff.

Dear HR Officer

I am officially filing my resignation on March 5, 2010. PharmaCare has been like family to me as I have spent a quarter of my life in the company. I have recently been undergoing aggressive treatment for my illness and it is at a stage where I can no longer deliver what the company requires of me.

Due to such a personal matter, I would like to request that the reason for my resignation remain private and be witheld from my colleagues and my staff at Longsford. I will forward any remaining tasks to the night supervisor John Connors until a suitable replacement takes over.

Sincerely yours,
Wallace Angstrom

Sample Letter of Intent

A sample Letter of Intent for business transactions

Letter of Intent

Whereas AphimexCo is interested in developing organic products from hemp and lavender from the trade facilties of Rochester and Milford.

Whereas AphimexCo is a highly respected service contractor in the manufacturing industry.

Whereas both parties have undertaken extensive discussions and steps to develop organic products from hemp such a food products, medicine and textile.

AphimexCo is pleased to advise that AphimexCo will work together exclusively with Rochester Mills for the above mentioned projects and that AphimexCo has selected Rochester Mills as the main contractor to carry out the required work for the execution of the projects and intend sto enter into formal contracts Rochester Mills for such work.

AphimexCo and Rochester Mills will further enter into service agreements on terms to be agreed, with the aim to negotiate contracts on a lump-sum turnkey basis for the execution for both projects.

Elbert Aphos, President, AphimexCo
Silvio Rochester, Rochester Mills, LLC

Valentine's Day Sales Letter

Dear Clients,

Have you thought about all your Valentine’s Gifts yet? Don’t stress! We’ve got everything you need to show your love this year! Come discover our unique gifts for men and women of all ages. 

Early Bird Special (Limited Time Only) 
To make things even sweeter, we’re giving you an amazing 10% discount on special chocolate items such as truffles, mints and bonbon boxes, if you place your order by Jan. 30th. 

To avail this discount, simply email at or call 1-800-LOVE

As always, I look forward to serving you and your loved ones this season of hearts! 

Mackey Sweetham

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love Letter from the Brokenhearted

Dear Sandy,

If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don't, they never were.

You didn't have to send me that message. I can nurse my own heart and let it lie broken for years. Does it matter? Who cares? You? Obviously, you don't. Cause you left without saying goodbye and none of my attempts to convince you to come back has led to anything. But still it was worth it, just to see you again even for a brief moment today. Maybe I am not ready to face this and let you go and be alone. Yes, I'm pissed. I can really get angry and upset like the way you can get all bitchy and loud. But that doesn't change everything and the love that we have between us.

I still love you no matter what and I'll wait... no matter how long it takes. If you ever get to think about me I'm just a phone call away.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Sorry Love Letter on Valentine's day

Dear Marguerite,

I am so sorry I cannot be with you on this special day. I know how Valentine's day means a lot to you, but it also breaks my heart to find myself far away from you, far removed from the one I truly love.

Your face, your smile, and all my memories of you are what tides me through the hardships of my everyday life here. I can only wish that when we see each other again, things would be perfect enough for me to stay. Perhaps even stay forever in your arms. Just remember to hold me so tight, and never let me go even in your dreams.

I think of you always, my sweet.

All my love,

Happy Valentine's Day Love Letter

Dear Jacqueline,

I am so lucky to have found you and for you to have love me back in the sheer instant that we've met. Its true. What I saw in your eyes that day was all I needed, I knew then that you were the one for me, the one I should be with for the rest of my life.

You give me something to look forward to everyday- your tenderness, your smile, your love and affection. I am grateful for these gifts. Life has been wonderful with you and I can't imagine my world without you in it.

Happy Valentine's Day, Love!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Promissory Letter

A sample Promissory Letter to fulfill a debt payment to a lending company in installments.

To Whom It May Concern,

For the value of $500 received on May 20, 2012. I, Cathy Malarkey the undersigned promise to pay to the Kit&Co Lending Firm, the sum of Five Hundred Dollars plus interest.

The said sum shall be paid in weekly installments of $50, with a first payment
due May 27, 2012, and thereafter until the amount has been fully paid.

All payments shall be made through bank deposits at the account number provided by Kit&Co Lending Firm. This promissory Letter, issued this day of May 10, 2012.

Cathy Malarkey

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sample Love Letter: Thank you for the Valentine's day gift

Dear David,

You crazy, crazy fool! Thank you for the wonderful Valentine's day gift. I couldn't help but gush when I found it on my table this morning. Everyone at the office was staring at me, the girls were envious.

But the truth is, I still haven't open it. I want the surprise to last me all day and just keep me guessing. All I think about is YOU now and I can't wait for work to end so we can celebrate Valentine's together. How about drinks at my place?


Love Letter for Valentine's Day

Dear Sookie,

I can't wait to see you again, I can still smell you on my clothes and taste your lipstick on my mouth. Why do you always leave me hungry? Why do you always leave me begging for more? Is this what love is like?

I know I can be so cheesy, but you're my girl now and you bring out my soft side. I can't hide all these feelings I have for you, it's burning a hole in my heart and leaves me with this deep longing for your touch. What can I say? That's the effect you have on me.

Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart! You're in for a big surprise!


Sample Certificate of Employment

Fr: Staten Dairy Farms
Recruitment Division

To Whom It May Concern,

As our records show, Bettina Rogers was employed at Staten Dairy Farms from March 10, 2008 to July 15, 2010 as a Dairy Chemist. She received a monthly salary of $1,500 plus benefits. She left the company at the end of her contract and she is cleared of any legal and labor responsibilities from the company.

This certificate issued on March 9, 2010  attests the entire duration of her employment. 

Sean Hayes
Recruitment Head

Sample Letter to Embassy: Invitation Letter

A sample invitation letter to be presented to the US consul by a J-1 visa holder.

Dear Consul,

My name is Attila Meyers, I am a clinical instructor at the University of Pepperdine in California pursuing a master’s degree in Molecular Biology. I am a J-1 Visa holder approved on March 20, 1998.

A transcript and a copy of my DS-2019 form is attached as proof of my duration in the teaching exchange program.

I wish to invite Magrite Meyers to the Annual University Dinner Gala to be held in Los Angeles, California of which I will be receiving an award.

Magrite Meyers, born on June 10, 1984, is my sister.

Please kindly assist her in receiving a tourist visa so that she may attend the awards ceremony as my guest.

She will stay at Alpha Kappa Phi sorority house during the duration of their visit, and the cost of her visit will be covered by my father- Steward Meyers. Please see the attached financial documentation for more details.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration of the attached visa application.

Attila Meyers

Authorization Letter for Business Transaction

A letter with legal documents allowing a next of kin to transact on one's behalf.

To Whom It May Concern,

From here on, my brother Carmine Peters will be handling my business and financial affairs. I would like to make this official and legal. Please see the attached Power of Attorney documents which are notarized. Carmine is allowed to withdraw and transact money from all my accounts while I am infirmed. You may call me at 555-788-800 for any concerns.

Gus Peters

Sympathy Letter to a Friend: Get Well Soon

A sympathy and get well letter for a dear friend at the hospital under going recovery.

Dear Ron,

I am very distresed to hear about your current condition. I have been confined for medical treatments for longer periods so I know how it feels like to be in bed all day. I know you are enduring so much pain right now and I pray that you find the inner strength to tide you through your therapy. Stay strong. There are still challenges ahead of you and I mean that on a cheerful note. You still have to see your boy graduate his fall with honors which is such a huge achievement. I always know how proud you are of Sean. So keep that smile on your face and be brave for Sean. He is always a Daddy's boy.

I'll be coming over next week with some of Martha's smoked ham and your favorite blueberry pie. If you wish for anything just let Tess give me a call, I can always get those hard-to-find things you love.

I wish you well, my friend.


Sample Reference Letter for Job Interview as a Personal Favor

Getting a job is hard these days, so tap into all those personal favors people owe you and get your foot in the door - a letter convincing someone of your worth for a job interview won't hurt your chances

Dear Doug,

I would like to refer to you Jane Harrelson, a colleague of mine from Westminster who is one of the best troubleshooters that I know, she will be able to fix your computer problems in no time. You might even find her suitable for your Software team at Indexco.

Jane is a talented, hardworking individual who shows real promise and skill. I hope you can indulge me with a small favor by giving Jane a few minutes of your time for a brief interview.

Mason Sturges

Sorry for the Late Reply Letter

Hi Rupert,

Sorry for my late reply. I was on leave last week. I am asking some my colleagues to help me come up with a detailed solution on our current problem with the surplus. I will send it to you asap.



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Request for Transfer or Termination of Employee Letter

This letter demonstrates how you can have a co-worker removed, transfered or even fired.

Dear Roger,

Please consider seriously moving Janice from auditing to inventory work before the month ends. She is no longer a good fit for the core team. She is causing more derision among the team and the work gets hardly done. I would suggest a inter-department transfer then assign her client accounts and responsibilities among the remaining interns.

You may also want to talk to the HR officer about this, as she is up for review.


Excuse Letter: Permission for Absence in Class

Dear Teacher,

I, Benjamin Buloxi will not be attending class for three days due to an outpatient procedure at the hospital. My mother will be accompanying me to have an infected plantar wart removed from my right hand which has already caused constriction in my nerves. As of today, I am unable to grip or use any writing instrument. You may call my mother Anne Buloxi at 555-7860 for any concerns and my doctor, Dr. Summers at 666-7990 regarding my condition.

Sincerely yours,

Letter to Teacher: Thanks for Caring!

Dear Mrs. Appleby,

I'm back in school and well, I guess back on track. Dropping out mid year and coming in cold behind everyone else is not easy. Kids here are the tough kind and the truth is most of us kids can be cruel. Cruel to others and cruel to ourselves. But thank you for making things in school a little bit better. I look forward to your classes and the spoken poetry readings at the St. Albert hall.

My mom still holds on to the idea that I am still a child. She doesn't realized that I am not that young anymore. I can't say that I am all grown up either. Still, I should thank you for treating me like someone with an opinion that counts. Thank you for listening to me, for pointing out the error of my ways and for acknowledging my accomplishments- like you said in the classroom, the little things that I can do and be responsible for.

I've learned to deal with how things are at home. My parents may not be there when I get home from school because they are working late and too hard, but that doesn't mean I should make things harder for them, by acting up and being selfish so I can get what I want. Like you said, I could chill with the drama and learn to deal with it. I'm cool with my parents now and I do understand them better. I just wish though my Mama would stop calling me My Baby, it really freaks me out.

So if you see me in the halls, keep in mind I am doing fine and I am grateful.


Letter Requesting Transfer of Location within the Organization

Looking into relocating into another branch of your office? Try this request for transfer letter so you may relocate into your hometown or transfer close enough to your loved ones.

Dear  Sir,

I would like to request for a location transfer. I have been working at Semtexaco for 6 years as a Junior Development Assistant. I have heard through my supervisor Terry Wallis that the company is opening a branch in Hopesprings, Nevada. This fortunately is the town I grew up in. The possible relocation would allow me to be with my infirmed mother who is currently under the care of a nursing facility.

The transfer will also prove to be beneficial for the company as I am familiar with local key people and businessmen in the area. As a Junior Development Assistant, I have sufficient experience when it comes to forecasting products and media planning.

Also I would like to note that my supervisor Terry Wallis is supportive of my intent for transfer and he would gladly meet with you regarding any concerns about my suitability for the Nevada area.

I sincerely hope that my request would be given the utmost consideration.

Thank you very much

Truly yours,
Miranda Kerry