Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day Poem: This Heart Beats for You

Dear Stacy,

This heart is taken,
this beating heart is taken by YOU

this heart beats for one,
this heart beats for no other
this heart only longs for YOU

Happy Valentine's Day

All my Love,

Happy Valentine's Day Babe

Dear Sheila,

Not a day more without you,
I'm coming home, babe!

After all this time together,
you still have this unmistakeable hold on my heart

I am so madly in love with you

Happy Valentine's Day!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Love Letter to Wife on Valentine's Day

Dearest Wife, Our marriage has made us. You and your love have always been my good company. I am nothing with you, I cannot see the world the same way without you, My heart dances with joy because of you, You make everything worth it, Being with you gives me clarity, that anything and everything is possible - happiness, love, laughter in abundance I know that our days will be good and long, and shall past us rather quickly, and it makes me happy that we are going to spend all those days together I look forward to every waking minute of it. You have all the love that I can give Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetheart! Love, Husband

Valentines Day Love Letter: Our Love is Forever

Dear Sweetheart, We come full circle again on Valentine's Day Let me tell you again about my love for you - Did I not say before that our love will endure all things, and bear whatever problems life may throw at us? We are strong together. Our love will outlast everything. Our love is forever. - Because every moment with you is precious and true. You fill my heart with love and laughter What can anyone ask for? Happy Valentine's Day, Darling! Love, Ronaldo

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day Love Letter

Dear Ruby, I'm so lucky to have met you, not everyone's lucky to find love within their lifetimes and the kind of love we have is a special one. I cannot live without you my sweetheart, I guess at this moment, I do not have the right words to say everything in my heart. But know that I think of you every second of every day, you fill up my days with longing, of putting my arms around you again. I'll be home soon. Hope you'll celebrate Valentine's Day with me. I love you, Luther

Love Letter for Valentine's Day: I Want You Back

Dear Mabel, Since you left me, my life has been shit. All I want is to be with you - day and night. You are my center, my happiness, my everything. I am sorry it took awhile for me to realize that. I'm kinda thick and stubborn that way. My darling, you continue to be a great inspiration to me- to make myself better. You gave me the push I needed to get past through my personal struggles. I know our relationship wasn't at all perfect, but I want to make amends and do things right by you if you still feel the same way. Hope you'd let me back into your heart. I cannot live without you. Love, Robert