Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Request letter for Prison Visit

A sample request letter to seek permission to visit a prisoner. Put into writing your appeal for Prisoner Visitation particularly if you as a visitor have a prior criminal record. Appeal your case with a formal letter to the warden.

Dear Sir:

I would like to appeal my request to visit Efren Lauson who is currently serving time in your prison. My name is Myrna Martin and I am a good friend of Mr. Lauson's family. I would like to visit him on behalf of his children who are from the province of Jolo. His children do not have the financial means to see him and since I live in the city near the prison, they would like me to see how their father is doing. Attached are the notarized consent forms of Mr. Lauson's children- Esme and Efren Jr.

Prior to this appeal, I was denied entry at my first request due to the fact I have prior arrest records for a felony misdemeanor decades ago. I have served time for embezzlement from the years 1982-1984. I was honest about this and declared it during the first request process. It has been mentioned that it is one of the reasons that my appeal was turned down. Being 42 now and a mother to three young children, I am now a reformed individual. I have served my time for the crime I committed, after my release I have changed my ways and have not broken any laws since. My reasons to visit Efren Lauson are only with good intentions.

I hope you would kindly consider my formal request and reverse the original decision in favor of Efren's children. I can be contacted at any time at my telephone number 555-555-2000., if necessary, to discuss any aspect of my appeal.

Thank you for your consideration .

Myrna Martin

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