Friday, September 11, 2015

Sample Letter to Parent from Teacher on Child's Good Academic Performance in Class

Dear Parents,

We would like to let you know about your child's progress and achievement in school:

Anna can now recall nursery rhymes and songs such as I'm a Little Tea Pot and Up Goes the Kite. She can identify letters of the alphabet by name.  She has adequate mastery of colors, shapes and numbers, not to mention improved coloring skills and hand coordination.

Anna is very independent and eagerly participates in class. She is a good dancer as well. Overall, Anna has a great relationship with her teachers and classmates.

Again, this evaluation is just one way that we communicate student achievement with our parents. We encourage parents to come to the school to meet with the child's teacher one-on-one. Great strides in learning and effective performance evaluation are a direct result of parent feedback. If you have questions or concerns regarding our programs and teaching methods, please do contact us.

Teacher Jasmine

Thank You Letter to Students and Teachers

Here's a shout-out to a crowd showing you love and suport

Hello Everyone,

Thank you very much students and teachers for hosting yesterday's event at the stadium. You are one of the most appreciative crowds ever. Its true that for great things to happen, we first have to get things started. And I'm glad its starting here at San Marino!

Principal Brown

ROTA Schedule UK Letter

Letting co-workers know a change in work rotation just happened to you.

Dear Guys,

I'm back from vacation and on night shift schedule until July 18th. You gotta love the ROTA schedule in the UK, you leave for a bit of fresh air and get back to a sudden change of schedule. I'll be filing a ROTA request to get my original work schedule back. Late nights do not bode well for my migraines.

For any pending reports for the shifts I missed, leave them on my table, you'll get everything back signed the next day.


Invitation to Lunch Letter

Dear Entourage,
We would like to invite you all to an early lunch at Lux Lobsters, a sea food restaurant, tomorrow at 11am. 

There will be a town car coming to pick you up from your hotels at 12nn. If you could please be in the hotel lobbies at that time.

I hope to see you tomorrow. 

Best regards,

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Letter to Customers: Apology for Short Staffed

Cafes and stores can be short staffed at times, here's a letter giving your regular patrons a heads up on the long waiting time.

Dear Customers,

We are VERY short staffed this week due to new employment policies mandated by city hall. We apologized for the long wait time and queues. But we will get your orders done. For the mean time, enjoy the apertifs and free Wi-Fi.

Thank you for your patience.

Shop Manager

I Forgive You Letter

A letter forgiving an ex boyfriend for breaking her heart.

Dear Hamish,

I forgive you.
I forgive you for breaking my heart.
I had to learn to unlove you one second, one minute, one hour, one day at a time.
I didn't know it would take years, I didn't realize it would take this long. You hurt me deeply and broke me in so many places when you left without a word. I had to fight my way to find myself back. I know I will never be the same again, I know I will never be fully whole, and that's okay too.

You don't have to explain yourself or your reasons for leaving me. All of us are human, scared of failing and weak for wanting something else entirely and somehow it makes me wonder if there was love at all. I struggled with anger and deep resentment for a time and I do not want those kinds of feelings ruling my life like a disease. Forgiveness is the best way to find the path to true happiness.

I wish you well to whatever life you have now.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Letter to Friend About Lost Item in their Home

Hello Jim,

I lost my camera at your ranch in New Port. Just realized its gone when I got back home to unpack.
Probably left it at the cabin or at the boat. Its inside a durable black satchel with my name on it. Keep your eyes open please. It would be amazing to see the photos we have of that fishing trip. It would be an absolute miracle if you could still find it, I still have photos of my son's graduation that I haven't backed up.

Still hoping,

Request Letter to Bank for Proof of Payment

Dear Bank Manager,

As I have settled all my payments with your bank, and even continued to keep a savings account there, I would like to request for documentation proving that I have no debts or existing loans under your bank. I think some call this a proof of payment certificate. I need such a document within the week as I will be acquiring real estate services of a local broker. As you can see from your records, I do have sufficient funds to make such a purchase.

Please let me know the soonest.
Thank you

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lost Wedding Photos: Asking Guests for Wedding Pictures Letter

Lost your wedding day photos? Here's a letter asking your wedding guests for help:

Dear Friends,

Accidents happen all the time and this is the most devastating one for us.

Our hard drive broke down before we could upload any content on the cloud, so we lost a lot of irreplaceable pictures and footage of our wedding. We would like to kindly ask you dear wedding guests for any photos you might have taken on your cellphones and digital cameras during that time. Hope you could indulge us with copies. 

We would be the most thankful bride and groom on Earth.


Ruby and Jessup

Request Letter for Disability Benefits

Here's how to correct your records when applying for Disability Benefits from your government. Availing of disability support can be tricky, so make sure your employment certificates are in order, also proof that you have been paying the security deposits to the government.

Dear Sir/ Madam:

May I request for a manual verification and computation of my actual Credited Years of Service (CYS) for the following reasons:

1.    Your records show that my actual Credited Years of Service (CYS) is just 22 years;

2.    My own records show,  as follows:

a. COMPANY A.-- from 1972-1973  -  5 years

b. COMPANY B -- from 1974-1998   -   20 years

Total Years of Service- 25 years

I enclosed herewith the documents needed to support my request.

a.  Certification of my actual years of service from COMPANY A
b.  Certification of my actual years of service from COMPANY B

Please make the necessary manual verification and computation to rectify my actual records and if proven to be in order, please make the necessary adjustment needed.

Please be reminded also that I have availed three (3) partial disability benefits, to wit;                                             

             1.   June 2003 to April 2005
             2.   July 2005 to Sept. 2006
             3.   Oct. 2006 to Aug. 2008

In connection with these, I believe there must be an adjustment of the benefits I received per availment based on your final analysis and findings.

Thank you in advance for whatever help you can do for me.

Sincerely yours,

Paternity Leave Letter from Employer

Dear Human Resources,

I'm officially filing my request for Paternity Leave from October 15-30, 2015. My wife will be having her elective C-section on October 14 at St. Bridget's Hospital and I really need to be by her side. Attached are her medical documents. Please notify me when my paternity leave is approved.


Memo Regarding Over Time

Dear Employees,

Please be advised all overtime work rendered without the proper approval of the supervisor will not be accounted for, as paid working hours.

Please file the necessary paper work before doing any over time work for the company after office hours. Only official and sanctioned overtimers will be paid.


Reminder Letter to Customers

Dear Customer,

A quick reminder: This is the last day to pick up your free gift at our premium counter, if you haven't already. We also have new arrivals worth checking out!

Have a great weekend!


Thesis Letter: Asking People to Answer Survey Questions

Hello Alumni and Experts!

I just want to ask your help for our thesis. If you any people working in the following industries - Commercial Banking, Investment Banking., Accounting and Financial Reporting, Corporate Finance (Financial Planning or Treasury Management).

We are senior Accountancy students from the Warbaugh University. We are conducting a research entitled: The Level of Awareness of Finance Professionals on the Role of the Banking System. In this regard, may we request a few minutes of your time to answer the following questions. We assure you that the information we will gather are strictly for academic purposes only.

Thank you,

Monday, September 7, 2015

Letter to a Bully

Here's how to warn a bully to stay off or else.

Dear Bully,

I have my eye out for you. Hurt my little brother again, you deal with me. Lay a finger on him or anyone in his class and you'll regret it. You can forget about teachers or your mom or dad coming to save your whiny ass.

I will come at you when you least expect it. What I can promise you is pain, tons of it. Pain far more what you caused my bro.

Choose your battles wisely, kid.


Letter to Request Price Reduce on Quotation

Not getting the price you wanted on the proposal, here's a sample letter requesting reduce prices.

Dear Sam,

I've discussed your quotation thoroughly with our company auditor and as much as we like the proposal you offered, we feel its above our quarterly budget for such a project. Would it be possible to just exclude the minor package benefits and forego several deluxe services? We can do with basic services for now. Perhaps this may reduce the overall price on the quotation?

If the price can be reduce we are willing to negotiate new terms.

Get back to me soon.


Learning to Forgive Letter

My Dearest Lotte,

It's tough I know.

It takes time to forgive. It takes time to be strong. Take it a day at a time, it's just one of those things you can't force, you can just hope that one day it grows back into love. Its up to you to allow it to happen.

Forgiveness sometimes is not just about the other person, but finding peace for yourself, finding closure for all the pain you went through. Sometimes holding onto hate is just harmful, so learn to let go, do not wait till your love runs dry. We have frailties like everyone else, and on some days we have to deal with that flash of resentment or unhelpful intrusive thoughts. It gets bad, sure. We're all vulnerable like that. There isn't a right or wrong answer to get to that road of forgiveness. But I really do hope you both get to where you need to be.

Be strong with the choice you make.