Thursday, July 2, 2009

School & Academic Letters

Letter Asking Permission to hold Rehearsals at School
Asking the Principal to allow student practice on school premises on a weekend

Letter to Parent about Child's Behavior in School
Notice to Parents about child's disruptive behavior in class

School Excuse Letter
Mom takes daughter to the dentist and misses school

Letter to Parent about Child's Behavior in School
Informing Parents of Disciplinary Action on Student or Student Probation

Student Excuse Letter
An excuse letter written by mom telling your teacher you had diarrhea.

School Excuse Letter
An excuse letter stating you've gone off to visit a dying relative or attended a funeral.

Letter to Parents: Student Absent from ClassNotice to Parents that their child has not beeen showing up for school

Letter seeking Scholarship Applicants
Disseminating Info about available scholarships

Notice of Teacher's Resignation letter to ParentsPersonal Letter from the teacher explaining her resignation

Teacher's Letter to Parents

Formal Excuse Letter for Missing SchoolA proper excuse note for students absent from class

Inquiry Letter on College Application Process
Sample letter asking for information on available college courses

Letter Requesting School Records for Collegiate Purposes
Asking your high school alma mater for your academic records

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