Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas Party Letter

Hi Everyone!

We hope everybody is ready for the fun and games for our Christmas Party!

Please check out our schedule on Monday:

6:00 PM Food will be served
7:00 PM Christmas Party games will commence
8:00 PM will be the judging and awarding of our prizes for our jolliest Santa and our Christmas Chorale Showdown
10:00 PM Revealing your Secret Santas. Please bring your gifts!

We encourage employees to come in early. Please be reminded though that those who are still on shift and operating heavy machinery are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages during the party.

See you there!

Joyeaux Noel,

Secret Santa Letter: Office Christmas Party

Dear Officemates,

Please be present tomorrow for the drawing of the names for The 'Secret Santa'

Everyone is required to give a $12 gift and please don't let your 'Secret Santa' baby know who you are.

Program of Activities for the Christmas party shall follow.