Thursday, November 27, 2008

Promissory Note

To [Lender]

FOR VALUE RECEIVED, I promise to pay without need of demand to the order of [your name], at [your address], the principal amount of [state amount], on or before [date]. In addition to the foregoing, I promise to pay monthly interest at the rate of [state amount/percent] percent, without need of demand, starting from the month of [date] until this note is fully paid.

[Date and Place]

Archive of Promissory Notes:

Promissory Note with Partial Payment
A Promissory Note that states the whole amount of the bill and the Partial Payment made by the tenant, in lieu of his water bill.

Promissory Note: Paying in Increments

Sample Intent to Pay Letter


workhard said...

Should this one be notarized.


madhatter said...

Yeah getting a lawyer in the picture would make it more legit and add more pressure to the borrower to pay on time :)