Monday, November 24, 2008

Tardiness and Absences without Leave Letter

How does one deal with an employee who has been consistently late? How do we address the problem and drive the point through?

I think this letter sets the record straight, time and punctuality is not to be messed around especially from a very whiny, boss who owns a 24/7 firm and demands people to be oncall all day.


[To: Name]
[From: Name]

It has been brought to my attention that you are consistently tardy in coming in to work. We would like to call your attention to this, and also your absences without leave.

You are well aware that office hours begin at 9am, and as the head of the department, you should set an example for the members of your staff. We understand that there are times when you are working overnight (or even longer), and you might come to work later than the given time - as long as people who might be expecting you are made aware of it. Please keep in mind that as an employee of this company, it is your obligation to inform the office if you are going to be absent, late or going somewhere else before coming into work.

As for your absences without leave, the office must be advised should you be unable to make it to work as you have responsibilities to take care of. At times, your duties can be designated to someone else for the time being, but it would be good for the people at the office to know in advance so as to avoid unnecessary worry.

In lieu of this, your duties as an employee also entail you to keep your communication lines open should someone need to contact you during the day.

Tardiness or absence, along with the difficulty we have communicating with you, may cause certain problems especially in cases of emergency, which as you know, in our line of work is always the case. Please be more aware of the time.

Pleased be advised.
Thank you

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