Friday, October 1, 2010

Sample Letter Complaining about Employee Behavior at Work

A complaint letter addressing the issue of a co-worker's behavior and performance at work which is affecting the whole department team. The letter is given to human resources hoping that the employee's personal issues may be resolved through intervention by their immediate superiors.

Dear Human Resources Officer,

As you all know, I have nothing but great respect for those I work with everyday. But lately, Cristina's tardiness (coming in late, long lunch breaks and disappearing during work hours) is really affecting our production process. We really need her to be here for us and focused on her tasks. We cannot proceed to do our own jobs unless she finishes up the assembly forms assigned to her. And we are running out of time to make the May 27th deadline.

I would like to help her by informing you that Cristina may have a serious problem in her life right now that is affecting her work. I know how important and loyal she is to the company. I trust that you will do the right thing by talking to her. We are very concerned for her welfare.
I hope you will be able to help her out.

If you would like me to explain the situation further, please let me know.

Best Regards,