Saturday, January 3, 2009

Apology Letters

These are effective examples of apology letters that have a personal or formal touch, it gets the message across that you are regretful of the incident and would like to make up for it

Apology letter to Customer for Billing Error

Apology for sending Incomplete Information

Apology for Missed Meeting

Apology to Co-Workers for Bad Behavior

Notifying Client that You are Out of Reach
Excuse or an indirect apology client for being out of reach

Apology Message for Not Returning Borrowed Item on Time
Making your friend wait for his precious thing, apologize now or feel his wrath!

Apology Letter: Returning an Item Too Late
Its been years, you almost own the thing you borrowed, don't you think its about time to return it?

Apology for the Delay Throwing off everyone's schedule? An apology is in order

Apology Notice to Client while Refusing Adjustment for Complaint

Chris Brown says Sorry through a letter

A Sorry Love Letter
Hurt someone very dear to you? Saying sorry is saying you love and value that person

Apology Letter after a Public Media Scandal
A well-thought out apology addressing the public after a scandal, most likely written by a lawyer or publicist.

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