Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sample Sales Letter Offering New Products on Retail

Approach regular store clientele with this sample sales letter offering them your latest products.

Hello Mrs. Bosworth,

Good day to you!

I'd like to share with you our special product offerings for the month of October. We have the following items available on retail at our North Bay branches:

Our Leather series
• Peacock Clutch
• Pearl Moss Handbag
• Faux Crocodile skin Tote

The line is exclusively design by fashion maverick Marciano Sal for the House of Eve bag collection.

Please do share his news with your friends and family. The leather series is perfect for those who want to something elegant and unique in their wardrobe.

For more information, please call or email me:
Rochester Kerns

Thank you very much

Truly yours,

Monday, October 19, 2009

Letter to Conference Attendees with Travel Reminders

Hello Everyone,

For our itinerary for the 3 day conference in Miami. Please do note the following:

1) The October 12 gala is a black tie affair. Men are requested to be in suit, the ladies in cocktail dress.

2) Food to be served during our stay will be white and red meats for main courses. Please e-mail me if you require a specific diet- if you are lactose intolerant or diabetic or a strict vegetarian. We will arrange your preferred cuisine for you.

3) For the Eco-Palisades tour, please wear comfortable clothes. It's very humid in Miami right now.

See you all at the airport!