Friday, May 29, 2009

Promissory Note: Paying in Increments

May 30, 2009

To Building Manager,

I, Samantha Ollie of Unit 114 Daska Tower will be able to pay in increments for the next two weeks: $240 on June 3, 2009, $500 on June 10, 2009 and the remaining balance thereof on June 15, 2009 from my total bill of $2,000. For now, I am unable to settle the full amount.

I am hoping for any consideration your office may extend to me.

Thank you very much,

Samantha Ollie

Marketing Letter for Seminar or Workshop

Dear Sir,

With today's global financial meltdown, it is the underprivileged, the disadvantaged and the marginalized in our community who bear the brunt of the shrinking world economy.

Today more than ever is now the best time to become actively and socially responsible to share your bounties and your blessings with the less fortunate in our communities and to help your fellow men, women, and children.

Join the Seminar on "How to Set Up and Manage a Foundation" to be conducted by Tritium Knowledge Center Publishing (TKCP) on June 24, 2009, Wednesday, from 1-5 PM at the Richville Hotel.

Learn how you can manage effectively your projects; and where to source your grant funding for your favorite social-oriented projects that will benefit the under-privileged, the under served and the differently-abled members of our community.

Understand the complete overview of the Project Management Cycle- from project planning and design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting.

The seminar fee of $100 is inclusive of handout materials, resource CD, and certificate of completion.

We offer a 10% Early Bird discount to participants who will register and pay on or before June 10, 2009.

Guaranteed seats are given to paid registered participants. Participants who reserved but have not paid shall be seated on a first come first served basis.

These and other important topics will be discussed during the seminar.

Thank you.

Annoyanz Alburo

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Letter for Members Regarding Group Activity

Dear Ma'am,

I hope you are well.

An idea has emerged of setting up a dedicated volunteer group to handle all the resources donated by our members.

Their tasks include:
- creating a calendar of activities for all members
- review of all new memberships
- equipment discussion and other resources
- website and discussion board
- marketing section
- an open market on Sundays

Of course, a core group exists already, but if we are able to put together a strong network, it is a project worth looking into.

Please email me back with you feedback and initial reaction to this idea.

The first step of course is to know what already exists and what is missing, so feel free to share any resources or items you already have saved, as a member of our group.

I look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best.

Best Regards,
Group Coordinator

Certification of Employment for Travel Visa Purposes

Dear Sir,


Claudia Carre is a 5-year employee of Emeritus Global LTD. She works in the Finance department as our Claims Accountant. She has filed for a leave absence from May 10-June 15, 2010 for travel purposes. We have approved her request for paid vacation leave as part of her employment benefits in the company.

Claudia Carre is set to return on June 16, 2010 to resume her responsibilities for the Finance Department. She is also scheduled to represent Emeritus Global at the upcoming Global Conference on Finance on June 30, 2010 in Berlin, Germany.

For any clarifications with regards to her employment- salary and tax records. You may call our Human Resources Manager, Philippe LeBontine at 255-055-5666.

Thank you very much

Best Regards,
Marceau Marciano
Country Manager
Emeritus Global LTD.

Approval Notice of Reduced Working Hours of Employee

Dear Employee,

I have received your request for reduced working hours last May 21, 2010. Your current working hours are 48 hours per week, Monday to Saturday.

I have discussed the matter thoroughly with the manager and we have come to an agreement that your new working hours would be 40 hours per week and spread out into 8 hours from Monday to Friday. You are still entitled to all employment benefits of a 40-hour week employee. However, your pay grade will be less than the previous amount as we will be deducting the reduced hours from your salary. With your request approved, a new contract of employment will be issued.

If you have further questions about your employment status, please visit me in my office.

HR Officer

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Unable to Attend Event Letter

Dear Event Organizer,

Just wanted to say that your upcoming event looks fantastic! I wish I could make it though. I will be working that evening, but still I wish all of its attendees the best and hope you have a wonderful night.

Party Patty

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Letter Declining to be the Maid of Honor at Bestfriend's Wedding

Dear Talullah,

I got your letter. I am surprised and flattered. But unfortunately I have to decline. Of course, I want to be there for you on your wedding day.

And I will be.

But I cannot possibly take on that important role of being your Maid of Honor. It is a huge responsibility, and I may not be the right person for the job considering my circumstances with my work and my family at the moment.

I am not the kind to turn away friends, especially someone so dear. We have been so close for a good number of years. But I have a lot of work conflicts for the next six months that won't allow me to be flexible with my time. To be honest, it would be foolish for me to accept such a huge role and then disappoint you mid-way because I am in some out-of-town conference for weeks and I can't be there when you need me.

I would like to suggest that Millie take the reigns on this one. She would love it and more importantly, she is a very dependable friend.

I hope you understand, dear.


Thanking the Travel Agent after the Wedding

Dear Maggie,

We just want to thank you for your guidance while we were researching on our honeymoon itinerary. You were really spot on, we're so glad we took your travel advice and booked with your agency.

We are now filled with the beautiful spirit of Krakatoa and the sunny memories of this archipelago. We are very grateful you steered us in the right direction and we absolutely loved our accommodations. It was the best tropical destination for us newlyweds. We could not imagine a better, more romantic getaway!

Mathilde & Rudy

Notice to Employees about Drugs in the Workplace

Dear Employees,

COMPANY A is committed to providing a safe, healthy and drug-free working environment and wants to take this opportunity to remind employees about the importance of working drug free for their safety and that of their co-workers.

Some of the potential risks and hazards of workplace alcohol and drug use are obvious, particularly those related to safety. Alcohol and drug use can seriously impair judgment and coordination, which can lead to workplace accidents, injuries and even death. And a person does not need to be an alcoholic or drug addict to create safety hazards.

Workplace alcohol and drug use can weaken an organization’s ability to operate profitably and productively. It is also associated with lower levels of employee morale—not only that of employees struggling with alcohol or drug problems, but also those who work alongside them.

Key to preventing these problems is for all employees to understand that there is help for those struggling with alcohol and drug problems. If you (or someone you know within the office) are struggling to work drug free, you may get in touch with our Human Resources officer.

We will provide confidential, short-term counseling and referral services as a benefit to our employees. It is better that you come forward this early so we can assist you in getting a treatment plan.

Best Regards,
Human Resources Manager

School Notice to Parents about Flu Virus

Dear Parents:

Our health officials, in cooperation with the Department of Public Health, have declared that the pandemic flu is under control. Students are now allowed to return to our school on June 13, 2010.

Even though students may return to class, there are still some people who are sick from the flu virus. Health officials say that pandemic flu outbreaks sometimes happen in waves. This means more people could become sick again. If more people get sick, students may need to be dismissed from school. We will continue to provide you with any important information.

Because the flu can still be spread from person to person, please keep sick children at home. Do not send them to school.

We are looking forward to seeing your children again.

Principal Victoria