Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Bonus Thank You Letter

Here's casually thanking the boss for that hefty Christmas Bonus


Merry Christmas Mr. Figgs! It's been great having been a part of this company. I appreciate the Christmas bonus we all got today.


Friday, December 11, 2015

Thank You Christmas Bonus Letter

Dear Boss,

I am very grateful for the company's generosity for giving out an extended paycheck plus the additional Christmas bonus. We appreciate it that the company truly values its employee's hard work, this will surely inspire us to make the upcoming year much better for the company.

My family wishes you well this festive season.

Thank you so much


Thank You Colleagues for Award Letter

Dear Co-Workers,

It's not the compliments and praises that make this award very special. It's the commitment and support you've shown along the way towards completing this project of ours. All that hard work makes this very night an important celebration for us as colleagues, something we should all cherish as a wonderful memory especially for those about to hit retirement like me. I mean that in a good way. This is my big thank you to everyone who I missed when I was called up for this award. It's not that I forgot you guys intentionally, but I was so overwhelmed, I just said whoever came to mind at that moment. But some, if not most, should have their names really celebrated because they made this possible - that's you - Marnie, Stan, Florence and Eve from Marketing.

Thanks for the encouragement.


Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Phone is Dead Letter: Cannot Be Reach

Dear Lucy,

Sorry if you can't reach me lately. My phone had a little accident yesterday.

I forgot to empty my damn pockets after a long work day and my new phone had to go through several wash cycles in the laundry. I'm too scared to turn it on right now. I feel so bad that I might have lost all our family photos, yes the baby photos too. So now the phone is drying out in a bag of rice. Hopefully this would absorb the moisture. I hope the inner parts don't corrode just yet.  I think I've done everything that needs to be done after stupidly getting my phone wet. My last resort of course is to take it to a cell phone repair store that deals with water damage restoration. I'm leaving my phone off for a few days and getting a kosher phone just to get some calls in.  I'm afraid the $100 apple insurance won't cover water damage with my new iPhone.

Wish me luck on this one. Hope it comes back from the dead.

See you,

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I'm Glad You're Okay Letter

Dear Suzanne,

I'm glad you're okay my dear. I heard everything from Jonathan this afternoon. I'm really glad you got out there safe. I'm pretty sure that was traumatizing and you might not feel well enough for days, so hope you know, I'm here to talk. Just give me a ring and I'll come over.


Monday, December 7, 2015

Sample Authorization Letter for PRC ID : Licensure Exam ID or Board Passer ID

The Professional Regulation Commission oversees the licensing of various professions and occupations under its jurisdiction. If you passed a national Licensure Examination, the PRC will release and grant you a professional identification card to present to employers or government agencies.

If you are not within the country to claim your PRC license card, here's a sample authorization letter to claim your PRC ID.


To Whom It May Concern,

This is to authorize Armandino Joshua G. Cuesta to process and claim my PRC license on my behalf. I am currently working abroad in Qatar, and I would need to renew my license before the said date of expiry. Attached with this letter are my valid ID and picture. 

I would appreciate any kind of assistance your office may extend to him with regards to this matter.

Thank you very much
Kathryn Pacitabelle Cuesta 

Visiting Friends at Christmas Letter

Dear Hailey,

I’ve been to Frankfurt years ago. I’d love to return with my family in tow especially for this Christmas holiday. I wasn’t sure how to get everyone on board on this, since I guess it would be too cold this season, still looking at your photos the idea seems wonderful. Time to plan the road trip ahead. If ever we'll come visit, we'll bring the fruitcake.


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Monito Monita Letter

Dear Monito,

All I want for Christmas is a soft plush neck brace that you can buy at the dollar store or Daiso. You can get me the furry pink or purple one. I'm quite excited to find out who you are. Even if there's no rule about giving your Monito or Monita anything back, I might have a bit of a surprise for you, it ain't much, but in the spirit of the holidays, I would like to share a little token with you.

Looking forward to the big reveal.