Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ziinga a Scam?

Ziinga Penny Auctions: Why Ziinga is Addictive!

Ziinga is a penny auction site where I kill time on weekends. This is my open letter to all Penny Bidding Addicts everywhere. Not just for Ziinga lovers! Is just that this is my fave penny auction site :)

Dear Penny Auction Fans,

A prize worth bidding for... is worth all the hardwork and sleepless nights waiting for the online auction to end. Often than not, we don't win on every auction we bid on, but really the thrill lies with how you play the game. Strategy, people. Or should I say, one must have the will to bid until the end! One should not go down without a fight!

Furthermore, I would just like to say that Ziinga is not a Scam. Ziinga is not a hoax. Ziinga is not a fraud. Ziinga is legit and the real deal! There are Ziinga winners to boot!

Ziinga Winners! Awesome!

Yes, if you want to bid in Ziinga.com you will have to sign-up for a 3-month membership. Yes, you can cancel the membership anytime and you don't need to pay the full membership amount. However, you will be charged a 28 pound cancellation fee. If you're piss as hell about paying for services you intend to use, then don't sign up. I would suggest that you better start reading up on service contract agreements before signing up your name and card on any online transaction, auction or shopping sites.

That said, there is great value in the monthly subscription at Ziinga. For instance, Ziinga members get 15 free bids per day. Ziinga users can avail of other great services and tools which include free shipping, auctions where bids are free, a bid agent tool and much more.

Hell, yeah! Well, that's how Ziinga is for me! Everyday may not turn out to be like Christmas, but it sure is fun just to bid on prizes!

Penny Bidding Addict