Monday, August 10, 2009

Following up Job Offer after Phone Conversation Letter

Dear Simon,

In regards to our conversation this morning, I would like to let you know I am accepting your job offer for the position of Sales Officer.

I think the short talk we had over the details of the position really put things in perspective.

I have discussed relocation matters with my wife and my children. We have reached a definite and amiable consensus, and I am very delighted to let you know that I am signing up with your company.


Follow up Letter on Telephone Conversation Regarding Compliance

Putting on pressure on decision matters after a phone conversation, this letter is a soft nudged reminding co-workers to comply

Dear Ben,

As discussed over the phone, I am making sure that your department is on board on the latest issue. I haven't received anything official from you guys downtown, send me an email ASAP with all the attached documents.

This just in from Virginia, an advisory sent to all department heads:

All customer complaints about Brand X should be verified and submitted directly to the Claims office no further than March 2.

That's all my news for now.

Hoping for your compliance on the matter.


Letter Following up on the Telephone Conversation

Getting back to your customer after several conversations on the telephone regarding the details of their order.

Hello Susan,

Just to confirm what we discussed earlier on the phone, this regarding the embellishments on the bridesmaids dresses. You want low cut necklines, tight bodices lilac and lavender appliques on the hems.

I'm just counter checking to make sure. So we can start with the embroidery tonight, we are on a tight deadline since all of the appliques are handcrafted and hand sewn into the fabric.

Please let me know when all the girls can come for an initially fitting.