Saturday, December 13, 2008

Visa, Embassy & Travel Letters

These letters only serve as a writing guideline for those currently securing a request from an embassy (whether for a visa or extension of stay). They do not guarantee approval. The approval of your request will rest solely on the merit of your application requirements (banking statements, certifications, guarantees, itineraries and other pertinent documents). Best of luck and enjoy your travels!

Official Invitation Letter for Student Visa
A Visa request letter for a student scholarship

Request for Visa Extension as Business Traveler
Visa extension to pursue contract negotiations and business matters

Request for Visa Extension as Visitor
Visa request for an extended vacation or as a tourist

Request for Visa Extension for Medical Reasons
Request for Visa extension due to medical treatment

Letter of Invitation from Host Country
Official Invitation from Host or Friend to present at consular office

Visa Request for Work Permit
Work permit application at embassy filed by employer; Official company letter to embassy

Sample Letter regarding Travel and Visa Request for Conference
Letter reminding conference attendee to file for visa and other requirements

Official Invitation Letter to Conference
Official letter of invitation from conference staff which you can present at the consulate office

Visa Letter: Invitation to attend Foreign Event
Letter from event organizer that they will shoulder the cost of your travel expenses and accomodation.

Certification of Employment for Travel Visa Purposes
Attestation letter from current employer confirming the approval of your leave of absence in the company. It also certifies that you will return to the company for work after your travel period.


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