Friday, June 19, 2009

Dear Sarah,

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Have fun!

Al Gore

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Informing Parents of Student's Academic Performance

Dear Parent/Guardian of Knox J. Pitt,

We regret to inform you that your student is performing poorly in the following subject areas:


We would appreciate if you could meet with us to discuss Knox's grades perhaps a new approach is in order. It is important that we intervene early into the school year. This is to encourage your child to do better in class. If you have any questions, please call us at the school at 555-2000.

Principal BF Skinner

Letter to Parent about Child's Behavior in School

Dear Parent,

As you know, it takes us as a community of parents and teachers working together to create a suitable learning environment for all our beloved students.

This is to notify you that last Tuesday, March 20, 2010 your child was given a Disciplinary refferal for misbehaving in class.

If you have questions concerning your child’s behavior or the referral, please feel free to contact me during school hours (7:30am – 4:00pm) at St. Cecilia's Preparatory School.

Sister Magdalena

Letter Informing Freelancer that the Client is Backing Out of the Project

Hello Caleb,

I have some bad news, our client has come back to me with a complete blueprint of his own! However, it does not mean a cancellation of the work for you. The client still wants some changes done though minimal. So the project has changed from 'concept and planning' to just 'renovation'.

Of course, I shall pay you the agreed rate just the same and for the work already rendered.

I feel really bad about this, its not that your work is bad, it's my client who's not communicating properly.

I will send you the new project outline tomorrow morning.

Hope you understand

Best Regards,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Billing the Client for the Extra Work and Service Rendered

Need to charge the customer for extra work that wasn't in the contract? How to politely approach the client with your price quote, this letter is tried and tested.

Dear Taylor,

Due to the amount of work and time that I've already spent on the project. I would like to ask that the previous pages that I submitted be counted in our 50 page agreement. I ask this because I have to cover my overhead expenses for the past days I've spent on the revisions of the previous document. I hope you understand. I am attaching my billing statement for the extra pages rendered.

Could we also meet up so I can present an outline first before I go on to the detailed work. This would prevent any unnecessary delays with our project's timeline. I would need your approval on this.

Kim Sung Sook

Approval Letter from the Supervisor

Dear Chad,

Its good to know that we finally nailed the look. I'm looking forward to doing the new project with the new hires. Shifting to the new outline is fine with me, you have my approval on this.

The Boss

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Letter Asking for a Parent's Blessing to Marry

Dear John & Tess,

I come here before you speechless. I know it would be best to say all these things in front of you. But I may not be able to articulate it very well, this is such an emotional moment for me.

I know it is not easy for one to give their daughter away. But what I feel for Malia is true. Our long engagement has made us realize further how deeply in love we are with each other.

At this Saturday's dinner, I am going to propose to Malia at your home. She has no clue about it yet. So I hope this could be our little short secret.

I have also asked your other daughter Mary to help me with the preparations and flowers. I want this occasion to be special for all of us, a new family moment to celebrate in the future.

I respectfully and sincerely ask for your blessing. I hope you would allow me and find me worthy to marry your daughter.

All my love,
Arthur John

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Christmas Sales Marketing Letter

Dear Mr. Scrooge,

'Tis the season of giving and sharing. Our [company] Christmas baskets and wines make perfect gifts for the season.

We offer a wide array of Christmas baskets, an ideal corporate gift for business partners, valued clients and colleagues. Each basket has decadent holiday essentials such as ham, fruit preserves, cheese and bread. We also have fine holiday liquor to go with our baskets.

For orders and pricing, please call ahead of time at [phone number].

Happy Holidays!
Santa's Girl Friday

Student Excuse Letter

Dear Teacher,

My son Peejay has been absent yesterday due to diarrhea. He is now well enough to attend class. Please allow him to catch up on any lessons missed.

Mrs. Potts

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School Excuse Letter

Dear School Principal,

Kindly excuse my son Edward V. Bella, senior student of Class B, he was absent from June 10-13, Monday to Wednesday.

I had to take my children to visit their grandfather who has been very ill and has requested the presence of his grandchildren. Our family is going through a very difficult time and Edward has been deeply affected by this family matter.

I hope you would kindly allow him to take any remedial tests or exams he missed during his absence from school.

I hope you understand.

Mrs. Bella

Letter to Mom from your Teen Daughter

Dear Mom,

I am all grown up and legal now. I can now date Jake, so please stop going through my phone and emails. Also please stop calling his mom, its embarassing.

Two things, I know are racing in your head right now:

Yes, he's my prom date and of course, we use protection.


Letters to your Bestfriend: The Truth Hurts But You Just Gotta Say It!

An upfront letter to your girl friend, letting her know what people think about her disgusting habits or her social unacceptable image. Better it come from you than someone else.

Dear Chichi,

People have been talking about you, no its not about your weight or your hideous clothes from the thrift store.

Would it be so hard to wear less makeup? I think you're naturally pretty so ditch all the facial pancake and faux lashes. You don't need all that heavy coverage, grandma does. Wear a sheer lipcolor that doesn't scream skank. Tranny season was last year so its time to stop looking like a hot mess.

I'm saying all this because I love you! And I wouldn't leave you to be eaten by the wolves and the snobs. So please listen!

Your BFF,

Sample Real Estate Sales Letter

Dear Investor,

Amtrack Land Corporation, Ayala Land Inc.’s standard-bearer for innovation, invites you to take part as it embarks on continuing the Lake House Villas with the introduction of a residential townhouse concept never before executed in South City.

5-point Benefit of the property:

1. A Sophisticated New Concept in Living – Patterned after the emerging international boutique concept popularized in cities like London, New York and San Francisco, Lake House Villas is stylish and intelligently designed by famed architectural and interior design firm. Exclusive, small, specialized and customized, Lake House Villas will provide residents with a lifestyle like no other.

2. A Wonderful Location – Nestled in the central yet tranquil location, it will be in close proximity to the progressive business districts and other commercial, leisure, education and recreation options. It is a cross between a condominium and a house and lot because it gives its residents the luxury of being near their place of work or business and yet provides bigger living spaces and a land title in an exclusive gated community for the price of a one or two bedroom unit in condominium developments of comparable grade or house and lot developments that are hours away from the business district.

3. Grand Masterplan – A low-density development with only 3 to 6 units per cluster oriented away from main driveways give Lake House Villas a lush subdivision feel. As a modern-day community relevant to the market’s needs, houses with contemporary architecture and well-planned unit layouts will enhance day-to-day living.

4. Full-Scale Amenities –centered on a stylish and posh new concept in living Lake House Villas features a discreetly tucked basketball court, jogging paths, and passive parks, reading nooks, a tree house and a swimming pool with a deck in addition to its clubhouse.

5. Trusted Name – Reliable property developer Lake House Villas has the best track record for value appreciation of investment and maintains value over time. Integrity of the brand name is due to our long-term commitment to excellence and quality of life for residents.

Added together, these elements will offer a unique lifestyle, a prestigious residential address and a sound investment in the emerging location. We are currently at the priority selling stage, meaning you still have the chance to get the choice units at starting prices. After the Success of the first Priority selling last June 8 the property is almost 40% sold. We would like to offer you a slot in the second priority selling on June 30, 2009 via a Letter of Interest. Being the first designer boutique townhouse development in the country, units will be in short stock and may be availed of by only a fortunate few. We hope you could take advantage of this rare offering.

I would like to request for an appointment within the week or next to be able to give you a presentation on the property. This is for information purposes only and will not be treated as a commitment to purchase. Please text me your contact details for me to give priority to your inquiry. Thank you very much.

Sincerely Yours,