Sunday, June 14, 2009

Letters to your Bestfriend: The Truth Hurts But You Just Gotta Say It!

An upfront letter to your girl friend, letting her know what people think about her disgusting habits or her social unacceptable image. Better it come from you than someone else.

Dear Chichi,

People have been talking about you, no its not about your weight or your hideous clothes from the thrift store.

Would it be so hard to wear less makeup? I think you're naturally pretty so ditch all the facial pancake and faux lashes. You don't need all that heavy coverage, grandma does. Wear a sheer lipcolor that doesn't scream skank. Tranny season was last year so its time to stop looking like a hot mess.

I'm saying all this because I love you! And I wouldn't leave you to be eaten by the wolves and the snobs. So please listen!

Your BFF,

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