Sunday, June 14, 2009

Letter Asking for a Parent's Blessing to Marry

Dear John & Tess,

I come here before you speechless. I know it would be best to say all these things in front of you. But I may not be able to articulate it very well, this is such an emotional moment for me.

I know it is not easy for one to give their daughter away. But what I feel for Malia is true. Our long engagement has made us realize further how deeply in love we are with each other.

At this Saturday's dinner, I am going to propose to Malia at your home. She has no clue about it yet. So I hope this could be our little short secret.

I have also asked your other daughter Mary to help me with the preparations and flowers. I want this occasion to be special for all of us, a new family moment to celebrate in the future.

I respectfully and sincerely ask for your blessing. I hope you would allow me and find me worthy to marry your daughter.

All my love,
Arthur John

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