Saturday, January 9, 2010

Letter Seeking Reimbursment of Expenses Incurred During Business Travel

Dear Sir,

I have incurred the following expenses during our official travel to Palermo:

Dinner for Four (4) people $6,000
Coffee (Starbucks) - $120
Personal Valet Services - $750
Masseuse - $250

I am hopeful that these unforeseen expenditures of which I covered in behalf of the clients can be reimbursed this week and repaid in full. Attached with this letter are the official receipts from the establishments and services.

Thank you very much

Silvio Brecht

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hotel Guests Welcome Letter

Dear Guest,

Let us show you around…
Come on board our complimentary shuttle bus as we bring you to your favorite destinations

Let us entertain you…
Sumptuous meals await you at our Café with cuisines ranging from Thai to French favorites. Chill out with our live bands in the evenings

Let us connect you…
Enjoy complimentary broadband Internet in your room or at our lounge areas.
All these and more at the North Bay Hotel Deluxe

Hotel Manager

Monday, January 4, 2010

Thank You Letter to Customer for Attending Our Event

Dear Coco,

Great to hear about the updates!

We thank you for attending our Andalusian Christmas experience with PowerMetrics.

Hope to see you again in the events to come!

Media Relations Officer