Monday, August 31, 2009

Sample Plea Letter to Judge for Leniency

A basic Plea letter asking for Leniency. Most plea letters are very detailed, so when writing one make sure to outline the important details about the person and her case, be mindful of dates and the key persons involved.

To District Court Judge,

We, the undersigned, support Janine Margaret Manson's plea for leniency and her petition for satisfaction of judgment.

There is reasonable doubt that she commited the crime for which he was originally charged and convicted, and we believe that her behavior since her imprisonment has been exemplary.

We hereby ask the district judge assigned to her case to extend leniency to a woman who was never been truly proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and to declare that Janine Margaret Manson has fulfilled her punishment and has paid her debt to society.

Janine is absolutely no threat to anyone inside or outside the prison fence and promises to be an ideal citizen of North City if given the opportunity. Please restore our hope in justice, and send Janine home to her children.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


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