Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Mom's Letter to Daughter

Dear Daughter,

I know how important this day is for you. I share in your joy. Before we head out there I just want you to know a few things:

The best part about being a mom is having YOU in my life. This unconditional bond I have with you, my dear daughter, is unbreakable and beyond words. Every morning since you were born, I knew then that my life would be changed for the better. I've woken up to many hugs and kisses, and you cheering me up with 'You're the best Mama!' never fails, it just melts my heart to the core.

Just watching you grow up, learning new things and now being on your own- your own young lady - all of it just makes me proud. You make my world, honey. You fill it with so much love that I truly feel blessed. Do know that whatever comes your way, we can face it together. I will always be here for you no matter what.

I love you.


Friday, August 28, 2015

Request to Secure Work Permits for Job

Dear Human Resources,

My work permit will expire on September 2015. I would like to request renewal of my work permit before I am transferred to the new site. As you know inspections of work permits are mandatory in that region, I would like to avoid any problems with local immigration officials or law enforcement. My contract with the company spans three years. My work permit should be renewed on a yearly basis or at least the length of the contract we have agreed upon.

I am asking this on behalf of my other colleagues as well- Tobias Kempf, Sheera Binyadni and Pablito Darleeng. They have the same work permit dilemma with the company as of the moment. By securing the necessary work permits before our expiration dates, the company will be spared from high penalty fees as well. Let me know who to properly address for this request.

Please be advised. I, again, reiterate we cannot be on site without the necessary permits.

Noel Goulding
Field Supervisor

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Letter to Workers: Boss on Sick Leave

When the boss can't make it to work, he sends a message. Something both light and serious.

Dear Employees,

I won't be coming in today guys. Doc says I've got Asthmatic bronchitis and further tests to follow in 3 days. I'm just on meds and bed rest. So I'm leaving Jim in charge till further notice and I'm sure he'll do a good job, but please don't give him a hard time. He will do everything he can to get things done.

Now y'all get along nicely.


Happy Birthday to Wife Message

Happy birthday to my better half, my love, my life, my everything- Lisa Froebel!
Please head home pronto for a slice of the best birthday cake ever made by your awesome family!
Oh yeah, and everyone's invited for a little beer party in our backyard,
and do bring something nice for Liza if you can. Haha. So we can all open her presents together :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sample Letter to a Friend in Jail

What to say to a friend or relative in jail? Here's a letter to get your jail correspondence going:

Dear Leonard,

I don't know if asking how are you is a good thing to ask, I know being jail is no pleasant experience for anyone. But I just want to honestly wish you well and I hope you are coping or doing okay there in your own way. We pray to God that you're safe. I often pray for the day that we can see each other again. I miss you bro. And if you could write us back that would be great. But if you can't or decide not to, that's okay, we'll still keep writing. We do care about you, you know. Ma misses you terribly and we've filed for a prison visit and we're still waiting to get approval. As soon as that gets granted, we'll fly on over to see you.

Right now I'm at your fave pub, having a good old mug of beer, the kind we used to have together, here's to the good times, I say, and cheers to that!

Take it one day at a time. Write back please.

Your brother

Monday, August 24, 2015

Request for Job Reassignment Transfer Within the Company

Dear Human Resource Officer,

I would like to request for a transfer to our Hong Kong office. After spending 6 months in Taiwan, I feel the working environment here is not suitable for the kind of work we are aiming to deliver.

I hope you are well aware of that the internal dispute between the West and East departments. They have not yet been resolved amicably and I see no end to it particularly now that a lot of projects are on the line. Whatever the local concerns are, it is not my responsibility to intervene.

More so, I feel my hard work and performance is constantly being undermine by the local supervisor. Even though I turn in my reports efficiently and on time. I have formally expressed these concerns before and they have gone unnoticed. Please do know that I will have to tender my resignation if my transfer request remains unapproved. I am being honest here, I cannot work under these conditions.

Please let me know when you will take action.