Monday, August 24, 2015

Request for Job Reassignment Transfer Within the Company

Dear Human Resource Officer,

I would like to request for a transfer to our Hong Kong office. After spending 6 months in Taiwan, I feel the working environment here is not suitable for the kind of work we are aiming to deliver.

I hope you are well aware of that the internal dispute between the West and East departments. They have not yet been resolved amicably and I see no end to it particularly now that a lot of projects are on the line. Whatever the local concerns are, it is not my responsibility to intervene.

More so, I feel my hard work and performance is constantly being undermine by the local supervisor. Even though I turn in my reports efficiently and on time. I have formally expressed these concerns before and they have gone unnoticed. Please do know that I will have to tender my resignation if my transfer request remains unapproved. I am being honest here, I cannot work under these conditions.

Please let me know when you will take action.


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