Friday, August 28, 2015

Request to Secure Work Permits for Job

Dear Human Resources,

My work permit will expire on September 2015. I would like to request renewal of my work permit before I am transferred to the new site. As you know inspections of work permits are mandatory in that region, I would like to avoid any problems with local immigration officials or law enforcement. My contract with the company spans three years. My work permit should be renewed on a yearly basis or at least the length of the contract we have agreed upon.

I am asking this on behalf of my other colleagues as well- Tobias Kempf, Sheera Binyadni and Pablito Darleeng. They have the same work permit dilemma with the company as of the moment. By securing the necessary work permits before our expiration dates, the company will be spared from high penalty fees as well. Let me know who to properly address for this request.

Please be advised. I, again, reiterate we cannot be on site without the necessary permits.

Noel Goulding
Field Supervisor

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