Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Sample Letter to a Friend in Jail

What to say to a friend or relative in jail? Here's a letter to get your jail correspondence going:

Dear Leonard,

I don't know if asking how are you is a good thing to ask, I know being jail is no pleasant experience for anyone. But I just want to honestly wish you well and I hope you are coping or doing okay there in your own way. We pray to God that you're safe. I often pray for the day that we can see each other again. I miss you bro. And if you could write us back that would be great. But if you can't or decide not to, that's okay, we'll still keep writing. We do care about you, you know. Ma misses you terribly and we've filed for a prison visit and we're still waiting to get approval. As soon as that gets granted, we'll fly on over to see you.

Right now I'm at your fave pub, having a good old mug of beer, the kind we used to have together, here's to the good times, I say, and cheers to that!

Take it one day at a time. Write back please.

Your brother

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