Friday, December 12, 2008

Recruitment & Human Resources Letters

Employee Application and Recruitment Letters

Letter Informing Applicant of Interview Dates
This missive successfully informs the applicant that they have options for the interview dates.

Reply to Applicant #1
Reply to Job Applicant's Email

Reply to Job Applicant #3
Notice of Job Application has been received

Reply to Job Applicant #4
Letter of Application Feedback

Letter to Freelance Job Application
Reply Letter to Freelancer about job requirements

Tardiness and Absences without Leave Letter
How does one deal with an employee who has been consistently late? How do we address the problem and drive the point through?

Position No Longer Available
This is to inform the Applicant that the Job has been filled out and the timing in which the application was sent proved too late. This is also to note that the position is closed, it is a form of a rejection letter without being too direct on the applicant being unqualified.

Notice of Applicant's Interview Date
Notice of Applicant's Interview Schedule, Confirming Interview Schedule Letter for Applicant

Announcement of Latest Job Openings
Job openings for a number of positions

Sample Notice of Pre-Qualification
Notice of pre-selection and hiring process


Advisory Letters to Employees from Human Resources Department

Approval Letter for Request of Job Transfer
Notice from HR Department that transfer request has been approved by management

Sample Layoff Letter #2
Sample Layoff Letter for Entire Department

Disciplinary Warning for an Employee
Final Warning Before Dismissal

Sample Termination Letter
Termination due to poor work performance

Sample Letter of Condolences for Co-Worker

Offer of Assistance during Time of Illness
Letter Offering Support for Co-Worker during Illness

Notice to Employees about Drugs in the Workplace
A sample company drug abuse policy

Thanksgiving Holiday Advisory Letter to Employees Informing employees that work awaits them this holiday season. Yes, life is cruel.

Letter Addressing Workplace Violence and Employee Conduct
When employees get into a scuffle, its time to reprimand them

Sample Work Employment Contract
Ironclad Employment Contract for contractual or permanent employees

Clearance Procedure Letter Pending Resignation
Don't give that Certificate of Clearance just yet, make sure the exiting employee gives everything back including that stapler.

Recruitment Letter: Headhunter Seeking Applicants
Cattle call into the wild, be heard by the best

Request Letter for Extension on Decision on Job Offer
Buy yourself some time to make that life altering decision on that dream job

Disciplinary Action Letter on Habitual Tardiness
Remind Mr. Lazybones that big brother is watching

Letter Explaining Cause of Tardiness
Make amends, admit your faults and do better by coming in on time for work

Informal Letter Thanking Boss for Approval of Transfer
A nice candid email thanking your supervisor for the transfer

Employer's reply to thank you letter for job transfer
Tell your employee you appreciate his gratitude, respect goes both ways

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